“Gab”– is the Twitter alternative dangerous? Or just being smeared?

In an exclusive interview, Gab founder Andrew Torba answers allegations that his site is a place where killers and white supremacists congregate.

Watch the Full Measure interview below:

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2 thoughts on ““Gab”– is the Twitter alternative dangerous? Or just being smeared?”

  1. Hey Sheryl
    First thank you for covering this story as a entrepreneur myself what this young man Andrew Torba has had to endure is nothing short of tyrenny and bias As we see from our Goverment and corporations today if you stand out in the crowd or against the progressive agenda you will be blood let like the MDS DID TO Geo Washington until your dead! Thank God for woman like you and others that stand in the “Gab” get it;). Until his return keep gabbing! Richard.

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