Inside the demise of ACORN: The Whistleblowers

Michael McCray (above) and Marcel Reid blew the whistle on ACORN

It was considered one of the most successful community organizing groups ever. But what some thought was one group turned out to be hundreds of smaller groups. And the more some ACORN organizers dug into the books, the more they learned about embezzlement and coverup.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll talk to two ACORN whistleblowers who will tell what happened when they sought to clean up rather than cover up.

We’ll also take a trip to Vietnam where we were recently the only media at a somber ceremony to hand over remains of U.S. soldiers who have been Missing in Action for decades. Scott Thuman is there.

And we go to the Wild West where millions of your tax dollars are paying for a program to save wild horses. But is there waste in the west? Joce Sterman looks the books.

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2 thoughts on “Inside the demise of ACORN: The Whistleblowers”

  1. I have an idea for a story I haven’t seen anywhere else. There has been a lot of discussion of hate crimes, what with Smollet in Chicago and now the conservative organizer at Berkely. Here in Indiana, some are trying to pass hate crime legislation. One of the primary reasons given is “Indiana is one of only five states without a hate crime law.” Could you look at hate crime laws nationally? Are they effective? Has anyone been prosecuted or convicted of a hate crime violation absent another offense? Have the laws added significantly to the sentences handed out for other offenses? Are there more hate crimes in states without laws than those with? I am open minded about the need lor such a law here in Indiana. If I could be shown its effectiveness, I would support it, but at this point, absent any data, the laws seem like “feel-good” measures that aren’t of any real use in making this a kindler, gentler country. Thanks for your consideration.

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