Intel Operation vs. President Trump

Anonymous leaks of classified information to the news media are the latest evidence of an ongoing intel operation against President Trump.

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33 thoughts on “Intel Operation vs. President Trump”

  1. Your voice is almost too pleasant and calm! Apart from that, I find the way you structured this talk easier to follow than many others, and would like to encourage all courageous investigative journalism of trustworthy facts–thanks!

  2. …very insightful, Sharyl. Thank you for being a voice of reason and common sense where there are few.

  3. Hello, Once again you present facts and context to a subject matter that shows yet again there is a bias in the general media. Furthermore perhaps even more dangerous is the bias within the bureaucracy of the intelligence community with the power to intimidate and control. The intelligence community has usurped power away from the military-industrial complex and has now unfettered power without oversight. I hope your fight to bring to light their abuses can continue, but I am somewhat unoptimistic that justice will prevail in this case.
    Please continue your independent work!

  4. Thank you Sharyl for all you do. What is happening in USA is ABSOLUTELY terrifying! Yet, the Main Stream Media is TOTALLY in the tank with the Deep State. The Deep State is in FULL seek and destroy mode of Our duly elected POTUS! I pray Our Country can survive this ASSAULT by the Deep State and the Media. May God Bless and keep you , your family and The USA.

  5. I would welcome podcasts by you, Sharyll. You are one of the last true journalists in America who is committed to presenting the truth! I welcome hearing both sides of an issue and making an informed decision. The MSM is just an extension of the deep state, anti Trump movement and it is meant to divide our country. Too many Americans do not not how to think for themselves and are being brainwashed by the mockingbird media.

  6. Loved your podcast on Intel Operation vs. President Trump. Especially agreed with your closing. Everyone should be thinking for themselves and forming their own opinion. Great job!

  7. I am under surveillance by a man with a NSA clearance.. He is hacking my television and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  8. John Pastalan (and you, Sharyl) are absolutely right on. Thank you for your determination to bring us real news, over, beyond, and outside what we are able to hear elsewhere for the most part.

    1. So far it is just available as an audio on the web Page. I hope in the near future to launch a “real” downloadable podcast. Thanks for your interest and support!

  9. Please continue your podcasts! I look forward to hearing your views whenever possible. Please consider using a format that would allow downloading the podcasts for later listening.

  10. Sharyl – I always look forward to your podcasts. Keep them coming!

    I don’t know if you’ve look into the “stat” that approx 90% of drugs come through the border at ports of entry? I believe the statistic is 90% of seizures are at the ports of entry which is not the same thing. I would welcome a future podcast that dives into how this narrative started as it would get more visibility. I posted on my Facebook page on this back on January 31st:

    “I’ve heard many times that most illegal drugs come across the border at points of entry. I’ve thought about that “fact” since I first heard it. Something simply did not add up so I looked into it a little bit.

    We have good data on drug seizures. We know when, where and how much. These are facts with hard numbers.

    We don’t have data on drugs that get through and where they get through. That’s an unobserved scene. It’s uncounted.

    Most drug seizures occur at ports of entry. That should not be surprising. It’s where we have eyes. Ports are well-staffed. They have drug-sniffing dogs. And every vehicle and person is at least observed once. Contrast that with hundreds of miles of a border without fencing, without manpower and without 24/7 surveillance and you have a scene with unmeasured data.

    Most seizures occur at ports of entry (a fact). That’s not the same as most drugs enter through ports of entry. There is a big difference. This is grossly faulty logic and it is being used as an argument against a border wall. Don’t fall for it.”

  11. Reasonable. Informative. Fair. To receive news and information that doesn’t surreptitiously lead the listener with emotional bait void of facts almost leaves the hearer in the odd place of deciding for him or her self. Thank you for not engaging in intellectual or emotional assault and battery. Major so called news outlets are inappropriately touching the public. So thank you. PS. Start a $3.99 or $4.99 a month daily news subscription where you provide 15-30 minutes of M-F coverage. I’m in!

  12. As a longtime radio broadcaster, now retired, I urge you to continue your podcasts, not only because you have demonstrated a knowledge of journalistic ethics, and present material that separates fact from fiction. Podcasting will provide many of our so called “too busy to read”, an outlet to learn what they may never be aware. As the saying goes, “Ignorance Is A Choice”, but when people are given the facts in many forms, and they still decide to avoid the information, then the saying gains more credibility.

  13. Thanks for this podcast. As always, you are informative and bring up information that I haven’t heard before. I’d be happy to listen to more.

  14. Always enjoy! Looking forward to the next. Not sure if a link to a written transcript is possible, but it would help me remember all of the facts you share.

  15. Please email me. I have a story tying everything together.SP is a personal friend. I’ve been connecting tbe dots for years. Everything ties to Qatar.
    Thanks for referencing Russia’s warnings about the Tsarnaevs . NOBODY believed me!

  16. Sharyl, I read a recent comment from you about Laura Logan that was supportive of her and the comments on our so called Media. When you look at the network of Politicians, the Intelligence Community and the Mainstream Media. It’s a huge wave to overcome.

  17. Thanks for this, I enjoyed the podcast very much. We live in times where getting to the truth of “the news” is very much a self-service undertaking, and you are an exceptional resource. I’ll second Al’s comment above about transcripts, if possible. More please :)

  18. Dear Sharyl , VP Joe Biden’s IT Director put the Russian Finger Prints on the DNC Hack which was done from inside the DNC Network as you will see ….

    Please review these links and see the set up with the Cover up and MURDER of DNC Operatives by a Inside Con Job with this Russian Hoax !!!!

    And the ones who leaked the DNC and Clinton Emails to Wikileaks can be seen here in these links as well !!!

    First we have the fact that CrowdStrike was saying the Russian Hack was from the Internet when this report shows that the download of the DNC server was done from inside the network ,

    Then you go here to see that VP Joe Bidens IT Director placed Russian Finger Prints on the information that was downloaded from inside the DNC Network , check out Context 6, Rushing To Be Russian – The Donkey In A Bear Costume Made A Mistake ,

    So why did they go to such great lengths to create this Russian Hoax can be analyzed further through the Deaths of Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas as well as that of Federal Prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr. and the timelines of activities between the DNC and CrowdStrike , and on the possibility that former Assistant FBI Director Shawn Henry, currently the President of Crowdstrike, as well as Dmitri Alperovitch, the company’s co-founder and CTO may have had some involvement with the creation of the Guccifer 2.0 persona with the HELP of VP Joe Biden’s IT Director !!!!!
    There is a seriously strong case here along with what we have seen with the recent claims by Andrew McCabe ,and his contradiction of the Dossier , , that the 2 people at the top of this Hoax is Joe Bidens IT Director and the former Assistant FBI Director Shawn Henry, currently the President of CrowdStrike !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I like the podcast format and your non biased presentation of information. As always you search for real stories that are relevant and under reported or not covered at all. Most importantly, you are an excellent example for all journalists!

  20. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    Hey Sharyl, I enjoyed your podcast sample and I enjoy your reporting. Unfortunately, as you well know. Getting the word out “ain’t like it used to be”. So to answer your question about whether or not to go for it with a full-time professional podcast. I guess as long as you don’t get big enough to report the truth to America, you got nothing to worry about. Our corrupt government will probably leave you alone, but if you get big enough. You already know the answer. You know better than most as long as our Media Outlets and our government are controlled by corrupt Anti-American Socialist Liberals. We as a people will NEVER hear, see or be exposed to the truth. As long as “The Coup” and those involved escape Justice, no truth, and as long as those involved with Hillary Clinton’s crimes against our country, including Hillary go unpunished, no truth or Justice. Keep up the great work and follow your heart. Our country needs more Patriots like you voicing the Truth. Go Trump and Go America!

  21. I just watched Lara Logan on Hannity and she mentioned the “journalistic standard” of obtaining information from two “sources” with direct knowledge of a matter. As your podcast illustrates, there rarely is anything other than “an anonymous source” cited in most articles in the Democrat Media.

    I long ago assumed that the story was a fabrication based upon deep-seated bias from the so-called “journalist”. It really is sad what has become of the profession.

    On a more positive note, you are fighting the good fight against sloppy journalism and I appreciate that more than this note can impart.

    I will be passing this link along to family and friends. Please continue your Podcasts!

  22. thank you for bringing reason to a country where our media is no longer about news but a propaganda machine that attacks the president and our country.

  23. Dear Sharyl , you have IT people have them investigate this stuff its all over the web please , Thanks and have a great day .

    More on the Warren Flood Template to Frame President Trump ,
    I found this on Reddit ;

    Metadata analysis here: and here:
    Edit: Please note that even though Flood’s name is in the metadata, he himself may not have been involved. What may have happened, for example, is that a computer on which he installed software in the White House was later used to create the Russian stylesheet template. Please don’t harass Flood in any way. I believe the authorities should talk to him, while we – as a community – should focus on the fact that the metadata in the files shows that the allegedly “accidental” Russian fingerprints were, in fact, planted on purpose, which means we should push for a thorough investigation into why and by whom.

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