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3 thoughts on “The forgotten tobacco wars”

  1. why am I so amazed that there are cigarette trials still being held and at the same time marijuana is now the legal???? drug of choice. Apprently it’s OK to get high but not to smoke cigarettes which will not necessarily destroy your brain, kill your attention abilities or encourage you to move into the use of heroin. What don’t I understand?

  2. I am commenting on the tobacco wars piece.

    Manny dont realize that we have another epic lawsuit going on right now.

    The opiod class action suites going on right now will be the tobacco suites of our day.

    Some of those involved in bringing suites against big tobacco are now bringing similar suites against big pharma.

    There is overwhelming evidence that big pharma intentionaly hid the addictive nature of these opiods from prescribing doctors.

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