Vaccines and Autism: Why the Debate Still Rages

The following is a news analysis

This post updates a popular article I published at in 2007: “Vaccines and autism: Why the debate rages.”

Note: This article doesn’t attempt to settle the vaccine-autism debate. It will be a resource for information that’s otherwise largely censored or difficult to find in one place. This post begins narrowly and will be updated in the coming weeks as information is added on topics including: court cases, propaganda, and scientific claims on both sides.

Government Resources

The government’s official position on vaccine safety and autism.

CDC’s Vaccine Information Statements: Full manufacturer labels including cautions and warnings: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Information Statements

CDC’s latest updated information on vaccine safety: CDC-Vaccine Safety

CDC website dispelling vaccine-autism links: CDC Addresses “Concerns About Autism”

Federal vaccine court information: Health & Human Services (HHS) Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Federal vaccine court damages paid for injuries, organized by vaccine type: Claims & Awards Paid by Vaccine Type: $4 billion through Dec. 2019

Federal vaccine injury compensation program: Vaccine Injury Compensation FAQ’s

CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule and resources: CDC-Recommended Immunization Schedules and Resources

Support the fight against government overreach in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for the government computer intrusions. Find out more here.

More information to come. Check back for updates.

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