Amazon censors films about vaccine safety

The following is an excerpt from “Amazon Pulls Vaccine-Questioning Films From Prime Video,” published in The Epoch Times by June Fakkert, on March 5t, 2019. As of March 20, 2019 the videos in question have not been restored to Amazon’s streaming service.

Amazon pulled the documentary film “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” from its streaming services on March 2, in the most recent of several moves that restrict the public’s access to content that questions the safety of vaccines.

According to CNN, Amazon also made unavailable two other films: “We Don’t Vaccinate!” and “Shoot ‘Em Up: The Truth About Vaccines.”

Amazon didn’t respond to requests by The Epoch Times and by CNN as to why the films were removed.

The creators of “Vaxxed,” which has been available on Amazon since 2016, shared the rationale Amazon gave them for removing the documentary:

“Availability Issue: We are always listening to customer feedback and iterating on their behalf. During a quality assurance review, we found that the following title contains content that doesn’t meet our customer content quality expectations. As a result, all offers (‘Included with Prime,’ Buy, and Rent) have been removed. We will not be accepting resubmission of the impacted titles.”

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