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3 thoughts on “Forced to Spy?”

  1. Seen this with my own eyes in 1996/97 in Gray court South Carolina , I was working for prtc, they wouldn’t answer when ask what was that equipment for, but eventually the older one went outside iand we got the young guy to tell, now it’s the stingray device being used unconstitutionally, and with it’s use corruption flourishes because it can always be used to keep 2 steps ahead of any investigation, seen it used here in my own county for political espianage on the guy running against sitting sheriff and also used to cover up a murder of a good man,-father,husband citizen, whose rts we’re denied, in the most extreme way, he was shot through the living room window in middle of night without communication even being made, no cruiser, no lights just someone heard by wife creeping through the leaves, she woke husband and said she thinks someone out there so he got shotgun from closet and started cross living room when deputy shined light through window saw gun, and shot 4 times through window, then kicked door down and shot 2 more times by the family account, then family forced at gunpoint to watch him die with no aid rendered, it was rooky cop that couldn’t pass phyc test in neighboring county but our crooked sheriff took him in and those corrupt DA and sheriff kept from the eyes of public all accounts by witnesses in home when happened and rooky cop testimony was only side used and reported, and as you can imagine , this caused a big stink, but anyone that tried to make things public , they would use machine to stay 2 steps ahead covering up. These machines gotta go if we are ever gonna root out corruption

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