'Is Twitter Really to Blame for Journalist's Woes?' –Howard Kurtz

The following is an excerpt from “Journalists now hate Twitter — because it exposes their excesses?” by Howard Kurtz of Fox News.

The love-hate relationship that journalists have with Twitter is turning mostly to hate, with an ample serving of self-loathing.

Even some of the most prominent posters are now blaming Twitter — or, more precisely, their addiction to the site — for many of the ills that plague the profession.

But there’s an interesting twist here that’s gotten less attention: Is Twitter corrupting journalism or exposing its utter unfairness?

Try a thought experiment: If every media type in America quit Twitter tomorrow, would journalism be that much better? Or would its deep-seated problems — many of which existed before Jack Dorsey’s network started gaining traction in 2008 — continue unabated?

Given Twitter’s strengths — as a forum for insta-coverage and debate, self-promotion and link-sharing that opens the national dialogue to many millions — the sudden disdain of its media users is remarkable.

Continue reading Kurtz’s article here: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/journalists-now-hate-twitter-because-it-exposes-their-excesses


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