Keith Ellison: A Question of #MeToo Standards

Watch our exclusive interview with a woman who accused former Congressman Keith Ellison of sexual misconduct.

Did a case of alleged abuse receive little media attention because it involves a Democrat minority woman accusing a powerful Democrat? Or is Ellison being falsely accused?

Note: since this report, Ellison was elected Attorney General of Minnesota.

Watch by clicking the image below or, if the image doesn’t show up, just click this link:

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2 thoughts on “Keith Ellison: A Question of #MeToo Standards”

  1. No question Monahan me 2 claim verified by recent outside “proof”, whereas Cavanaugh hearing by Democrats, Feinstein, Kamala, Connecicut Army “Veteran”, Booker the inept Mayor of Newark, and all the rest of Democrats on Judicial Cmt. went back 30+ years to vilify him and his Supreme Court nomination based on a High School Yearbook remark ! Outrageous the difference in handling of Democrats vs. Republicans.

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