New Zealand massacre: Who's to Blame? Unscientific Poll

Fifty victims are dead in the tragic racially-motivated shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

With all of the blame being thrown around, our latest unscientific poll at asked who people primarily blame for the massacre.

By far, most respondents blame the killer himself. Coming in a distance second is the Media. And believe it or not, a few respondents blame Muslims, Trump, Jews and “Everybody.”

The full results are below:

Who do you primarily blame for New Zealand massacre?

The killer 87%

Trump <1%

Jews <1%

Muslims 5%

Christians 0%

New Zealand Govt. 1%

Media 6%

Nobody <1%

Everybody <1%


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4 thoughts on “New Zealand massacre: Who's to Blame? Unscientific Poll”

  1. Every perpetrator in recent years has left a ‘footprint’ that could have predicted these outrageous acts. They are all mentally ill; they all have slipped through the cracks of detection or have just been ignored. Sadly, there are only 800 mental health hospitals in the United States, and New Zealand may be deficient as well. These events will continue until the people who see the signs learn to step up. Then society must direct the path to prevention and detention. What is happening to Christians in the Middle East, however is a different story entirely. The enemies of Christianity are everywhere in the Middle East and they have plans of a similar nature throughout the world.

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