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1 thought on “Rich in Congress”

  1. Re; “Rich in Congress”:

    Sharyl, thanks for what you do. Would be interested in a lot more information on this topic, as I firmly believe that taking money out of politics is one of the fundamental requirements that needs to happen if we are ever to have a chance to fix the system.

    One example I could suggest is ex-Senator Jeff Bingaman, who started from very humble beginnings, spent all of his life in public service and retired a very rich man. I believe the principal reason for that was his wife was a high-priced lawyer / lobbyist. I suspect that many times, spouses / kids / relatives / business partners are benefiting from the access / information provided by the Senator / Congressional Rep’s position. I live in NM and believe that Mr. Bingaman was a pretty straight shooter and exercised his duties with diligence. But there is no doubt in my mind that he and his wife benefited greatly from his position.

    That is something that should not happen.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Regards, Larry Filener

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