Russia and the Absent Media Mea Culpa

With the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, a look at the media coverage over two years.

Was some of the national media’s coverage of Trump-Russia collusion deja vu all over again?

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9 thoughts on “Russia and the Absent Media Mea Culpa”

  1. Touche’ Sharyl been following you since you told us bout the time you were woke up with your computer running wild and you believe it deleted a lot of your work..
    I am still waiting for the IRS docs against the tea party, I also at that time had some really strange things happening. The main thing was my mail about 2011 was put on hold when I went to the post office after about 1 wk. they would not reveal who authorized because it was under investigation! Also it was the first time I was audited by AZ state income tax
    Benghazi and fast and furious are on my list.

  2. Great podcast (6), Kiddo ! I’m a feared you’re “preaching to the choir”. My hope is those attuned to weighing the facts will give the attention it deserves. I’m thinking those who still “bark” about not owing us an apology are lost.

  3. You are 100% correct. Apologies are in order. Relationships with foreign powers and America’s reputation abroad were affected by the intense relentless mis-reporting. I can’t imagine the stress of the president and the others who were targeted over the past two years.
    Thank you for your ethical reporting.

  4. You may have missed the mark. This was an attempted political coup. We have a very large group in the country that hate the USA government as is! Thank God for President Trump

  5. Hi Sharyl, I have one simple point of view, The MSM did know what they were doing and they went about trying to push the MSM false reporting to destroy Trump, hurt his ratings, and Nixon-Trump. In other words force him to resign. As for the MSM, I don’t see you as MSM I see above those that all sounded the same trying to be independent. The Entire Inv’ shouldn’t have happened. Did Mueller interrogate C. Steele/Dossier? No. Thats it.

  6. The Mueller probe has not been released to the public. In the meantime President Trump’s political appointment as AG is wildly wielding the redaction pen – against long established standards. Improperly, unethically and in collusion with the President, for the President.

    There had no report of collusion because there is no Federal law against collusion. No law, no indictment. But keep in mind that even The President’s ‘man’ also said no total exoneration !

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