The Big Spin

Over the past couple of decades, quietly and with little oversight, our federal agencies have turned themselves into veritable PR machines.

They’ve built themselves high-tech television studios. They’ve hired armies of public relations staff. They buy advertising and commercials. They make videos. It’s all to make themselves look good. And they’re doing it with our tax money.

Sunday on Full Measure we set out to learn how much money the feds are spending on these efforts. And we’ll have some maddening examples.

Air Wars

The US airlines are at war with Middle Eastern competitors that are flying routes in and out of the US to all kinds of places around the globe–not just the Middle East. This foreign competition has kicked down fares for US passengers by more than 30% in some cases.

But the big three US airlines say it’s unfair competition and stands to destroy their industry and hurt American jobs. Scott Thuman will have both sides of the argument.

Challenge Coins

And Joce Sterman will Follow the Money and tell us how some federal officials and agencies are giving out expensive, symbolic tokens called “challenge coins” — and we’re paying for it.

We’ll never waste your time rehashing news you’ve already heard all week.

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2 thoughts on “The Big Spin”

  1. “The feds are spending billions of tax dollars spending us with our own money…”

    Uh, whaaa??

    Do you mean, “The feds are spending billions of tax dollars SPINNING us with our own money…” in keeping with your title?

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