The "Media Literacy" Deception

There are massive, organized efforts to begin “media literacy” and “anti-fake news” programs in colleges and elementary schools. Self-appointed third parties are stepping in to “curate” our news for us (like it or not). Nonprofits are developing curricula and agendas. There are efforts at the state level and internationally to pass laws requiring all of this.

But what if some of the efforts are funded and pushed by interests who are actually trying to censor and control the news, and block our access to certain facts and views?

Some watchdogs on left and right say it’s happening and that it’s an extremely dangerous trend.

I’ll investigate in this week’s cover story Sunday on Full Measure.

We’ll hear from a former California teacher about her battle with “Goliath”: The Teachers’ Unions. Her case went all the way to the Supreme Court.

And Scott Thuman takes us on a trip to a South American waterfall wonderland you may never have seen nor heard about. But after you see our story you won’t forget it!

Once again, we never waste your time rehashing old news you’ve already heard all week. For where to watch on TV, on demand and online, check out the information below!


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4 thoughts on “The "Media Literacy" Deception”

  1. What a joke ! Who will be these “brokers of truth”, where do they get their funding, who will be “checking the checkers” ? Haven’t we all had it with these pseudo gate keepers. If capable, we can check out several sources, look at any obvious media biased coverage – then come to our own decisions. Trouble is most are not capable !

  2. Growing up, we were all entertained by the crazy headlines–such as pink aliens and undead Elvises–that splattered against the covers of *National Enquirer*. Today, crazy headlines morphed into profound ugliness that has bypassed tabloids and flashes across MSM. There’s no longer any objectivity, only the regurgitation of the same talking points; propaganda that’s gummed down and spoon fed to the unsuspecting masses. If you haven’t read Sharyl Attkisson’s STONEWALLED or THE SMEAR, borrow or buy them. Immediately. You’ll never view journalism or politics the same.

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