The Whistleblower

This is the story of a whistleblower, imprisoned by one federal agency, but rewarded by another beyond his wildest dreams.

Brad Birkenfeld’s incredible tale begins in 2007 when he turned evidence against one of the biggest and most secretive banks in the world.

Still, he insists the real scandal isn’t what happened to him, it’s what happened to U.S. taxpayers.

Watch the Full Measure investigation by clicking the link below:

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3 thoughts on “The Whistleblower”

  1. Now that the report is done, maybe you can ask President Trump why he refuses to help me after all I’ve done for him. I have been fighting for my right to be in this world while the mobs of people continue to stalk me. I’ve been at my parents house in exile. This is not a joke. This began with the dissapearance of my friend Jonathan Hemer. It’s as though I inherited his life right before he dissapeared. The President knows who I am. Ask him why he will not make it stop. A police car drives by every time I step out as if they are anticipating my moves. One of Khashoggi’s accused assassins targeted me back in May, 5 months before Khashoggi. And I’m the reason Huawei’s Meng Wenzhou was arrested in Canada. I’m being stalked and targeted and I don’t even know why or how to make them stop. The White House has responded but not acted. MY LIFE IS IN DANGER. I NEED HELP. I do not want to hurt anybody. This is going to end in tragedy if it continues. I try and report it but the Police is involved. They keep taking me to the mental institution even with the evidence I have. I gave the President so many tips that I know he used and benefited. Yet he’s left me to the wolves, a terrible mistake. Why? Because many politicians, veterans, police departments, motorcycle and Rotary clubs as well as Christian organizations are involved in targeting addicts and homeless people, killing them? I have proof. Somethings not right.

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