Will Trump's DOJ do anything about the Obama era hacking of Sharyl Attkisson? (OPINION)

The following is an excerpt of an opinion piece by Mark Fitzgibbons as published in The Daily Caller

A federal court ruled 2-1 last week against allowing Sharyl Attkisson to revive her suit over the Obama administration’s alleged efforts to hack her personal devices. The ruling spells doom for all Americans victimized by government hackers in the future.

The ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s dismissal of her case against President’s Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, “six unknown agents” and others. Forensic investigators working for Attkisson — a former reporter for CBS — found that proprietary government software was used to hack her home and business computers, but the court denied her any right to pursue further evidence.

The case represents a serious blow to the Fourth Amendment, which guarantees our right to be secure in our “papers and effects.”

The dissenting judge employed the colorful analogy of legendary North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith’s “four-corners” clock-killing strategy, and said the government now has a “play book” for hiding evidence when it uses clandestine methods to hack the computers of Americans. The dissent even called the government’s self-serving actions creating the obstruction “Kafkaesque.”

In her book “Stonewalled,” Attkisson chronicled her harrowing experience of trying to get to the bottom of what clearly appeared to be the federal government’s intrusion into her computers after she reported on the Obama administration’s scandals — such as the 2012 attack on the embassy in Benghazi. Holder allegedly attempted to intimidate CBS into silencing her. A major, plausible issue in the case is whether he — already known as an allegedly dirty player once held in contempt of Congress — directed others to hack her computers.

We’d like to think that the Department of Justice and our judicial system are in the business of fighting lawbreaking, not protecting it. But in a sophisticated, taxpayer-financed legal game of “monkey in the middle,” DOJ lawyers used legal maneuvering to dismiss Attkisson’s case, move it from one court to another, and delay her lawyers’ attempts to expedite discovery.

Unfortunately, as I’ve previously written, the rules are rigged to protect government lawbreaking. The Fourth Circuit’s latest ruling is the old “nothing to see, here, people” type of decision. It relies on arcane judicial doctrines, and it uses assumptions about congressional intent in assessing Fourth Amendment damages “in the areas of electronic surveillance and intrusions into electronic devices.”

The dissenting judge noted such deference is not typically given to private citizens when they face the same charges for electronic intrusions, and “effectively reward[s] the government for its intransigence.” Government lawbreaking is thus unfairly protected.

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4 thoughts on “Will Trump's DOJ do anything about the Obama era hacking of Sharyl Attkisson? (OPINION)”

  1. If possible, this case should be taken all the way to the Supreme Court. What’s with the American system of justice anyway? Why is it so politicized and why are the justices so partisan? It seems to me, what with a politicized justice system, partisan judges and a mainstream media that is both overtly and extremely partisan, the whole system of justice and reporting in the US could use a major over-haul.

    Pundits, analysts and opinion writers could well do with some sharp and incisive criticism of the American system instead of the self-congratulatory blather we often hear about the greatness of American institutions. They have a long way to go before they can be considered great. America, it’s time to get your house in order! A good start would be to properly investigate the corrupt practices of the Obama/Clinton administration and start bringing wrong-doers to justice. How can Americans have any faith and trust in the system of justice when they see all of this lawbreaking and corruption happening without any legal recourse? It just tells the average citizen that crime pays. Is that the kind of country that America wishes to be? Time to start living by principles instead of just mouthing off about what a great system America has. From where I’m looking, it has a long way to go.

  2. I am a donor to your cause and also a taxpayer. My tax funds are being used against your cause for justice. Go figure! It is so obvious that the Government’s case is so wrong. Anyway, keep fighting until the money runs out and as long as anyone will listen.

  3. This is no better than a banana republic and should frighten every law abiding citizen in our country especially now that it is so plain that big (bad) tech and phone carriers such as will play ball with the feds in violating the 4th Amendment. Please fight on, Sharyl. So much is at stake.

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