Announcement: Attkisson v. DOJ FBI computer intrusion lawsuit

What can a citizen do when it’s the government who’s committed the violation, but the government won’t prosecute itself?

The citizen has to self-fund her own fight for justice on behalf of all other journalists and U.S. citizens in the landmark case.

My lawsuit is moving forward. For a summary of the details, forensics and origin of the false narratives (such as the “stuck back space key”) put out by the smear group Media Matters, click here.

Thanks to the thousands of supporters who have generously donated already! If you’d like to join in, click here. Any amount helps! Thank you

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14 thoughts on “Announcement: Attkisson v. DOJ FBI computer intrusion lawsuit”

  1. CBS should pay all your legal fees? You were employed by them at the time of the intrusion. You personal and your working computers were hacked and the intrusion was done because of your work and your employer.

  2. Please remember the agencies will also use, “Contractors to do the dirty work”. Then the contractors will turn information over to a, “Confidential Informer” who will pass the illegal obtained information over to the FBI for money. FBI will state in any affidavit that the material was obtained by use of a trust and reliable confidential paid informant.

  3. You are providing a truly necessary service to the people of this nation. Keep up the good work. The government is a law unto itself and it is truly despicable.

  4. Luv your reporting & your Show.

    But you NEED TO CORRECT the FAKEBook Post April 26 — where they have twisted your remarks from OBAMA to Trump. As spying!!

  5. Sheryl, I too am a victim of the local DOJ and FBI. Smear campaigns and even involvement in my child custody case and interfering in my ability to work and trying to make me homeless. I believe the proverbial term is Gangstalking and your own affiliate is involved. Thank you for being one of the last of true Journalists reporting facts. You should also look into the Eric Deters Case involving Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor stringing the law suits out for 20 years by using the controversial Visiting Judge Program that at least over 400 hundred people have been negatively impacted by the heavy handed not so blind Justice system of Ohio.

  6. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    Hey Sharyl, Isn’t it “Funny” (Not really) when you or someone else has been wronged “Illegally” by The U.S. Government. It takes FOREVER to bring them (The Government) to Justice, but let some Citizen break a law. Forget about it. You know I fully support your demand of accountability. I truly hope and pray you succeed. My worry. See The I.R.S. Scandal for details. They knowingly, openly and without fear broke the law. Not one single person was brought before a Jury. Sad. Keep up the great work Sharyl!

  7. Sharyl, I read your book, Stonewalled. I’m so impressed with your courage, especially in light of the fact that you revealed the truth about serious wrong doing during the Obama administration which obviously angered very powerful people who believe they are above the law. I pray for your safety and that justice will prevail.

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