Exclusive: “Media Trust” poll by Full Measure and ScottRasmussen.com

Democrats and Republicans alike report great skepticism when it comes to national political reporters, the content they report and their motivations.

Those are the results from a new “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” poll conducted by ScottRasmussen.com. It examined American voters’ trust in the media.

Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters say national national political reporters often get important aspects of the story wrong.

Here are a couple of other questions and the results:

Do national political reporters accurately report what happened or promote their agenda?

78%: Promote their agenda

14%: Report what happened

If a national political reporter found out something that would hurt their favorite candidate, would they report it?

36%: Would report it

To view the Full Measure report, click here.

To read more results from ScottRasmussen.com, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: “Media Trust” poll by Full Measure and ScottRasmussen.com”

  1. Could not take seriously and the fact you gave the journalist touting NPR,the NYT and Washington Pist as the gold standard for even -sided news.
    Make me laugh.

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