James Rosen, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Texas Farms

Sunday on Full Measure, I’m pleased to have James Rosen join us for his debut on the program. He’ll speak with an author who paints a different portrait of the Jimmy Carter presidency than much of history does. Welcome James!

Above image: James Rosen (left) debuts on Sunday’s “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson”

I’ll have an interview with the man leading a new investigation now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe concluded with no charges against any American for “Russia collusion.” Senator Lindsey Graham heads the Judiciary Committee. He’s spearheading a serious look into alleged misconduct by officials in the Department of Justice and FBI. He says evidence shows they misused powerful intelligence tools for political purposes to get Trump. We’ll speak with him.

Senator Graham also has a lot to say about the current border crisis and what he thinks we should do about it.

Above image: South Texas along the Mexican border

And Scott Thuman goes down to the farm in Texas to explain how the trade war with China impacts the American farmer and the U.S. consumer.

Catch us on TV, online on demand. The link below tells how! We never waste your time rehashing news you’ve already seen all week!


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