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3 thoughts on “Lara Logan: Who’s Pulling Strings in the Media”

  1. Great report, but FoxNews is as much a part of the problem. While Fox has Andrew Napolitano I don’t otherwise pay attention to Fox unless, as in this clip, someone independent I respect gives the piece a nod as Sharyl has. I will forever attach your name to astroturfing. I seek your name Sharyl out if I want a bit of truth.

    Fox News also propagandizes our war foreign policy as desireable or good. Sean Hannity is as much a journalistic hack and Rachel Maddow, but at least Maddow reported correctly on what the RNC did to Ron Paul’s last campaign, in as much as the DNC did to Bernie. Neither Sean nor Fox reported on the RNC corruption. So in a sense it bothers me Lara Logan would kiss up to Fox. Just be independent. If she was she might end up on the outs like Ben Swann.

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