Medical Costs: How it pays to shop around


The following is an excerpt from a Full Measure story. High medical costs have Americans divided and looking for a solution.

As loud and divisive as the presidential campaign has been so far, both parties agree on one thing: health care is one of the top issues concerning Americans.

And a recent Rasmussen poll found: 59 percent of likely voters consider reducing the cost of health care more important than making sure everyone has insurance, which is the goal of Obamacare.

But what can consumers to do control their cost?

These days, it’s easy to comparison shop for just about anything, except medical care, one of the most expensive services you’ll ever need.

That gave us an idea. We partnered on a project to try to compare prices of specific procedures. We ended up with some incredible results that show it pays to shop around.

You can watch the full story here:

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