(Mis)trust in Media: an exclusive Full Measure poll

You won’t want to miss results of our exclusive poll on trust in the national news media this Sunday on Full Measure.

Our poll conducted by ScottRasmussen.com focuses largely on national political reporting. We’ll also take a look at some specific examples of media missteps and measure how the public reacted to them.

Distrust of the media isn’t a new phenomenon. We’ll reach back to the 60s to tell that part of the story.

We’ll also speak to a therapist who has developed novel new strategies for fighting pain without opioids. Her methods are gaining ground among those who want to manage pain with no risk of side effects or addiction.

And Scott Thuman in Hanoi, Vietnam on a Saturday night–need I say more?

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6 thoughts on “(Mis)trust in Media: an exclusive Full Measure poll”

  1. Love this lady. Her research is wide ranging, unbiased and digs into things that need exposure. I would like to see her program extended to an hour.

  2. Thank you for reporting on this issue as the MSM has had me alienated since the ’90s and I can no longer tolerate watching any of the broadcast news programs.

  3. Hi Sharyl, So enjoy watching your show. I feel you tell and show the truth of what’s happening in the world.
    I have a friend who thinks President Trump is the biggest prevaricator (as she calls him) we’ve ever had in the White House. For myself? I feel the previous President and his whole administration would be at the top of the list.
    I also think if a person wants to be in politics they will be “required” to be able to stretch or color the truth. You know, because the public can’t handle the truth?
    What say you?

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