READ: The indictment of Julian Assange

Here’s the link to the Department of Justice document detailing the indictment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dated March 6, 2018.

The indictment doesn’t associate Assange with Russian documents or spying.

The charges are related to former intelligence analyst Bradley Manning and his theft of top secret government documents.

Julian Assange Indictment

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3 thoughts on “READ: The indictment of Julian Assange”

  1. Keith A Breedlove

    It’s pretty clear that this is a legitimate complaint. But where were these chats between Assange and Manning happening? Were they on Army or DoD systems? How was Manning able to copy the files onto removeable media? Why weren’t the USB ports and CD/DVD drives locked? Has the Army held any of their sysads or compsec administrators accountable?

  2. Assange is a foreign investigative journalist, doing what journalists are supposed to do: speak truth to power, give us the story, report the facts, let us decide based on unvarnished truth.
    Now that the MSM is clearly in the Deep State swamp, we need more real journalism and an end to the WaPo/NYT/CNN entertainment business.
    We all know that the Manning leaks and the DNC leaks were inside jobs, not hacks. Nor Russians.
    This indictment and the Müller sham make that clear.
    We also know that the Deep State hacked Sharyl Attkisson.
    How do we drain the swamp?

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