$50,000 Whistleblower Award Offered in Unlawful Government Surveillance Case

Reward: Up to $50,000

Many of you are familiar with the forensically-proven Government spying on me and my family. It’s one of multiple documented surveillance abuses by our Government. 

Details on Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI here.

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice refuses to act on the forensic evidence, investigate its own, and punish those responsible. The only option left for ordinary citizens who are targeted for abuse is to self-fund a fight for justice in court. I’m now in year four of my fight.

Even here, the battle is daunting. The Government holds the evidence, the Government uses our tax money to withhold the evidence, then the courts declare the case cannot go forward because we cannot list the exact names of the federal agents responsible— names which only the Government knows.

Today, we are announcing a substantial monetary reward, up to $50,000.00, for anyone providing information that helps us identify names of those responsible for the Government surveillance operation against me. *

The reward is our way of acknowledging we understand that too often, in the Government, the deck can be stacked against those who speak up and do the right thing. 

For me and my team of attorneys, forensics experts, and privacy and civil liberties advocates— we believe that actions taken by our Government should be fair, just and within Constitutional limits.

If the guilty parties are not exposed and held accountable in this case, then virtually no victim of improper Government surveillance has reasonable recourse.

As one judge who sided with me puts it:

As the government’s and private entities’ capacity to hoover up data increases—and as we move beyond accessing the Internet through a limited universe of devices to the Internet of things—the potential intrusion on privacy only increases. Under the government’s playbook…plaintiffs would be deprived all opportunity to challenge the legality of most, if not all, these government surveillance efforts.

Judge James A. Wynn, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, opinion in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI

We must be clear: those responsible for committing surveillance abuses against U.S. citizens are not above the law. They cannot use the authority we give them for their own improper purposes and then hide under the cover of Government.

*If you have information you think might be helpful, please contact Anthony Thomas at for terms and details. Contacts will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Contact: Anthony Thomas

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (Use Signal App) 202-753-7575

Pass it on.

Thanks to the thousands who have supported Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI. To support, click here.

Fight improper government surveillance. Support Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI over the government computer intrusions of Attkisson’s work while she was a CBS News investigative correspondent. Visit the Attkisson Fourth Amendment Litigation Fund. Click here.

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22 thoughts on “$50,000 Whistleblower Award Offered in Unlawful Government Surveillance Case”

    1. Unfortunately the illegal surveillance that is used today involves much more than just an operating system and is impossible to prove. Most people don’t realize the capabilities of our out of control govenment.

    2. Would you be willing to share why you think Sharyl should “get over this”, and if you base your opinion on your relevant experience and/or credentials, would you fill us in about that? Thanks.

    3. No its time to never get over this until justice is served!! Aiding & abetting illegal surveillance is anti American in every way!

    4. Really, Mike? Intentional and knowingly Illegal acts by governmental agencies will no longer occur if one changes an operating system? Oh, please! Look at the big picture!

  1. Richard Sinnott

    I hate taking the cynical view, but it seems the message to be found in Sharyl’s case is that very seldom is justice to be found in the federal court system, if ever.

    Clearly for journalists, between Sharyl and Julian Assange, the government is above the law. It seems right out of George Orwell.

  2. Not nearly enough money to go against the Fed Behemoth…….too too many pensions and career’s involved, good luck

    1. Shutzhund: The money being raised, if I understand the notice, is to fund a “whistleblower” reward for any person or persons willing and able to bring credible evidence identifying the person(s) who initiated or supported this invasion of privacy via hacking (aka, spying). Presumably, that would be someone on the “inside” who has not felt moved to share such information.

      Sure, $50k is insufficient to finance the whole case, but I think one of the barriers is that key information is being met with a stone wall. I would finger the wrongdoer(s) for no money but then I don’t have such information and I am comfortably retired with no fear of consequences, career or otherwise.

  3. There are only a small handful of Tech. FBI agents who can do what was done to you. Start by getting those assigned to HQ or special units. Once narrowed down you can have a small univers of candidates. Just one name of a qualified tech might open the door to others. They often testify in Court as experts. Ex-agents might know names of individuals.

    1. I doubt this was done by an actual employee of the government. More likely is that is was a contractor for a defense contracting firm which will make it much more difficult to track down. On the plus side is that the contractors are pretty much mercenaries in the tech world with allegiance to $$, so if there is a way to make $50k without exposing who it is, they might get a bite,

  4. The thing about “secure” apps, like Signal, is that you never know if they are actually secure.
    Always assume that every electronic communication is captured, filed and recoverable.
    Always assume that your cloud and local data files are compromised or can be compromised.
    Every postal communication is tracked and can be traced back to you.
    Every printer leaves a digital fingerprint, enabling the printer to be identified.
    Your location is known if you are in any way “connected”, and if you go dark, you can be traced by exception analysis (spot where he/she is not..)
    Every update to your apps and systems represent opportunities for your files and devices to be compromised.
    If you use “free” email, everything is tracked. If you use paid-for, private email, everything is tracked. Office365, Google Apps – everything is tracked and can be monitored. Card payments? Tracked.
    If you think the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is there for the protection of consumers, ask why it is not overseen by Congress (useless as Congress is).
    And this is all by “our side – the ‘good’ guys”
    When Maxine Waters spoke of Obama’s secret database, she meant it.

  5. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    I will be more than happy to help find one of “Those” involved in The Government’s illegal destruction of your Rights. I mean you are living proof that Media giants like CBS are corrupt and probably had a hand it what happened to you. You know more than I how they (CBS) caved to the Obama minions. I will let you know if I find out something. After being LIED to for decades about “Equal Justice” under the law. People better wake up. If it can happen to Sharyl Attkisson, it can happen to anyone out there.

  6. Sharyl, our group was involved in FF weapons trafficking. We know what ATF agents from HQ were involved. ATF is known for stealing harddrives and covering up there moves. I know personally. They were most likely to be involved in yours bc you were uncovering ATF issues. I have DM you on Twitter. @wesleyfelixpsi me and others involved have exclusive docs, forged FFL bank statements and emails of agents to liquidate all weapons. If you really care, you will reach out to Kent Terry, Dawn Hobson JP or I for details. NATIONAL SURVIVAL STORE was our store in LV hijacked and used to run weapons. 1 thing is… They were sloppy and i have all there info from the ATF field office they used

  7. In Philadelphia the Delaware County Intelligence Center at 20th and Johnson Streets. Is the headquarters of all Intel. They use cutting edge CIA spy technology to spy on private citizens. This is nanotechnology surveillance systems so small they cant be seen with the naked eye. They are white light activated, even very low amounts of light keeps they running for many years. IMO Hillary Clinton has made this all possible. Many of the 135 policemen and woman are her campaign workers and die hard supporters, extremely loyal to her every desire. This include many hundreds of deaths made to look like something other that murder.

  8. With the new AG I would hope that it would be possible to get some cooperation from the DOJ to finally get the evidence turned over.

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