A horrific American tragedy many have forgotten: The Jonestown Massacre

More than 900 American men, women and children died in the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana

Update: Watch the Full Measure TV cover story now at this link: https://fullmeasure.news/news/cover-story/surviving-jonestown

It’s been 41 years since the socialist cult leader Jim Jones took more than 900 of his American followers to their graves.

How was Jones allowed to operate unfettered in San Francisco, then in Guyana, South America amid many disclosures of abuse from former followers and their families?

Jackie Speier says it was in large part because of Jones’ political connections in San Francisco and beyond.

Speier was a young Congressional aide 41 years ago who went to investigate the “Jonestown” cult compound. Her boss, Rep. Leo Ryan, was murdered on that trip by cult members– and she was shot five times.

Today, Speier is herself a U.S. Congresswoman and tells us her story Sunday on Full Measure.

Also this week, should the future of electric cars in the U.S. include billions of your tax dollars?

Americans have already spend billions powering America’s  electric car industry. Those subsidies are now phasing out. President Trump wants to end them entirely but some members of Congress are pushing to continue or expand them.

Add into the mix the fact that China is the dominant force in the global electric car market and looking to gobble up more of the share.

Lisa Fletcher will examine what lies ahead.

And– Scott Thuman milks a snake.


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