Ex-U.S. intel analyst arrested and charged with leaking to the press

Another alleged leaker could bite the dust…

A third alleged government leaker has been arrested and charged with improperly providing information to The Intercept news organization.

31-year old Daniel Hale is a former U.S. intelligence analyst. He would have been about 26-years old in 2014 when he allegedly obtained 17 documents while working for a defense contractor, and allegedly provided them to The Intercept.

The documents pertained to a U.S. military drone program that was the subject of an expose published in The Intercept in 2015 entitled “The Drone Papers.” It revealed details about the Obama administration’s use of drones for “targeted” assassinations in the Mideast and Africa.

Hale was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee today and faces up to 50 years in prison for allegedly improperly leaking government documents.

Under U.S. law, experts say it is not illegal for news organizations to receive improperly obtained documents unless the organization or its representative encouraged or arranged illegal activity to obtain them.

Read the Wall Street Journal on the case article below:


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2 thoughts on “Ex-U.S. intel analyst arrested and charged with leaking to the press”

  1. So the CIA and NSA tap journo email, phones and messaging, capture the whistleblower leaker of illegal activities, and the press get a free ride.
    Was any admin as criminal as Obama’s?

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