Government spying on journalists: the bigger picture

The forensically-proven government spying on me while I was an investigative correspondent at CBS News has much larger implications.

Unlike other cases that became public, whereby the Department of Justice secretly surveilled journalists, the government has indicated there was no warrant authorizing the surveillance on me.

The implications of this are huge. How many intel operations were conducted on U.S. citizens without warrants?

Read more on Attkisson v DOJ and FBI for the government computer intrusions here, including a summary of the facts and forensic evidence. I will soon be announcing next steps forward.

Here, you can read more about a recent court decision that protects the U.S. government from discovery and punishment for unlawful surveillance against U.S. citizens.

Below, watch my interview that explains why all of this has implications far beyond one journalist.

To support the Attkisson case and the larger principles at stake, visit the Fourth Amendment Litigation fund here. Thank you to the thousands who are supporting!

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5 thoughts on “Government spying on journalists: the bigger picture”

  1. Richard Sinnott

    I just started watching the Netflix series “Secret City”, and cannot help but compare the intrepid young female Australian journalist with Sharyl.

    In the series, the Australian government spies on journalists and everybody else. The government is out of control.

    It seems quite the situation we have here in the US today, with Sharyl’s case being one example of it.

  2. I think the worst part is, that with the world so interconnected and the Deep State obsession with control and coercion, there is no way to fight and nowhere to run.
    If you ask someone on social media if they think that gov’t spying is out of control and what can be done? it is likely you will be on a list. And then if you legally purchase a weapon or ammunition, you are on another list. And when the giant computer compares lists, you are a terrorist suspect and likely on a do not fly list and you don’t even know until you go to board a plane.
    And your search history automatically pops up on this page…Orwell was a prophet.

  3. Question for Ms. Attkisson;
    Have you reported on social media censorship (i.e. shadow banning) and what do you think or regulating these platforms that have become such a large part of our lives.

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