Gowdy: FBI has important evidence in Trump-Russia probe of investigators

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.)

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy, a Republican from South Carolina, says he’s seen evidence with his own eyes that even opponents of President Trump will find “persuasive”– if it’s ever made public.

Gowdy says the information has to do with “exculpatory” evidence that the FBI improperly withheld from a court.

Exculpatory evidence is that which supports the notion that the accused is not guilty.

In an interview on Sunday, Gowdy said the FBI has a transcript of a conversation between former Trump adviser George Papaopoulous and an “informant” assigned to spy on him.

Gowdy was a member of the House Judiciary and Oversight committee that investigated the Justice Department and FBI actions during the 2016 campaign in which they surveilled or spied on Trump associates. Ultimately, the officials accused Trump of being a Russian agent. However, an exhaustive investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded no American conspired, colluded or coordinated with Russia.

Click the link below to read more about Gowdy’s statements in the following article in Epoch Times.

Epoch Times: “Game Changer” Evidence

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7 thoughts on “Gowdy: FBI has important evidence in Trump-Russia probe of investigators”

  1. Exactly the corrupt and unethical behavior continuously employed by DOJ prosecutors. Read “License to Lie”, by former DOJ prosecutor Sydney Powell. She was involved in the DOJ’s cases vs. Enron and others. Prosecutors were found to be violating the “Brady” rule, in which exculpatory evidence, held solely by DOJ was not provided to defense counsel that would have cleared the defendants of charges against them. This continuous activity resulted in Senator Ted Stevenson’s (Alaska) DOJ claims of fraud and other charges. The “Brady Rule” was corruptly and unethically violated and hidden for seven years while defendants were financially bankrupted, imprisoned and families broken while (4) separate DOJ teams and circuit court judges tormented and punished defendants and their families because of these “Brady” violation – yes the judge as well in Houston Texas courts. Sydney expresses her complete disgust for the legal profession in general and the DOJ’s unethical and criminal actions.

    1. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

      I was born in Houston in 1961. Raised out in the Town of Katy just West of Houston. I am very familiar with “The Enron Case”. Think about that one Case. The criminal acts that were committed by The Prosecutors. The lives that were destroyed. People died from the stress of going to court over this corrupted pile of horse dung and nobody cares. Sad, very sad that this can continue (see All Things Trump) here in our country and We The People CANNOT stop it.

  2. If—IF– Unquestionable exculpatory evidence exists regarding the president who has been hounded with never ending accusations for 2 1/2 years now–and counting, It is criminally cruel to him and at least half the nation not to make it public. Gowdy says that he knows that it exists because he actually saw it and also that it is in the hands of the FBI.
    The previous FBI director, Comey is an admitted Trump hater. The Attorney General who commands the DOJ that the FBI director reports to was the now famous Sessions who abrogated any and all responsibility he had to ensure reason and fairness regarding the president’s political enemies attacks on him thereby turning it over to his deputy who was a Trump disparager that made absolutely no effort whatsoever to look after the president’s rights. As such, it is not surprising that exculpatory material regarding Trump was squelched. However those positions are now held by Barr and Wray, both of whom are allegedly honest, fair and balanced people who are sworn supporters of truth and justice. IF this is so, any and all material either in support of incrimination of the president should have been released long ago. If it truly exists, now that Gowdy has ‘outed ‘ its existence it must be made public forthwith. Further, if it continues to be withheld, the president must publicly request that it be made so or that Gowdy should very publicly fully disclose it and put the power of the presidency four square behind him as and where required to whatever extent necessary to keep him safe and exempt from retribution.

  3. As they say in Texas, Trey Gowdy is me as all hat, not cattle. Always the big scoop and game breaker just out of reach. The only thing I care about is the appointment of John Durham, US attorney for the state of Connecticut. And now that he has been appointed the only thing I care about is whether he enpanels a grand jury and issues subpoenas. If he does, it will indicate a serious investigation in the attempt to overturn the election. If he doesn’t. then we can all breathlessly wait for yet another meaningless report that will be all hat, no cattle.

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