How Barr Could Change the Federal Culture of Corruption in 60 Days

Attorney General William Barr

I’m in my 30th year of covering national news and I’ve learned a hard truth about the federal government under numerous administrations. It’s a culture where truth-telling is frowned upon; coverup is rewarded and encouraged.

That helps answer a question many have recently asked about the FBI and our intelligence community: Why haven’t more whistleblowers come forward?

Several months ago, an FBI source told me that numerous whistleblowers had gone to members of Congress with information about the FBI and the Trump-Russia scandal, only to have congressional leaders turn their names over to the Department of Justice. True or not, this was the word on the street, and it had a chilling impact on other would-be whistleblowers.

The fact is, insiders know that things rarely turn out well for the whistleblowers. They and their families are targeted, attacked and smeared. They lose their jobs or chance to advance. Their health suffers. Their personal lives fall apart.

Meantime, they look over their shoulders and see that their truth-telling changed nothing. The guilty parties usually stay in their cushy jobs or are allowed to quietly retire with full benefits. Sometimes they’re promoted.

So it’s no surprise that, even though I believe the federal government is populated with mostly good people, they tend to keep their mouths shut and go along. After all, why come forward if your actions aren’t going to fix anything and the only result will be that your life is ruined?

There’s a simple yet dramatic way to change this longstanding culture, one that everyone should be able to get behind: A new whistleblower amnesty program.

It could start with the Department of Justice and intelligence community. Attorney General William Barr could set it up quickly, before the establishment has time to mount a full-force lobbying campaign to stop it.  (Continued…)

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3 thoughts on “How Barr Could Change the Federal Culture of Corruption in 60 Days”

  1. Sheryl,
    You are one of the few that I follow daily and trust what you say.
    Those in power in our government having been self serving in politics for 40 and 50 years have diminished my trust. We desperately need term limits with a clause that states once having ‘served’ (sic) in congress they should not be become lobbyist.

    You and Trump give me faith that perhaps something may be done .Never give up !

  2. Dear Ms. Atkisson,
    I remain hopeful that your excellent reporting and suggestions reach the right ears.
    Attorney General Barr would do well to read your column. I know he is inundated by the venal attacks of the left, but do you have any contacts that could get your column on his desk ?
    I often wonder why voices of freedom often get lost in the absurdity and corruption that would shine a light on the evils of the American Oligarchy.

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