Poll: What do you think is the real scandal?

In our latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com, we asked what you think is the “real” scandal.

Eighty-nine percent of you answered that the “real scandal” is the Trump-Russia probe hoax.

The full results are below.

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Question: The real scandal is…

<1% (Still) Trump and Russia

89% Trump-Russia probe hoax

3% Both

5% Neither

1% I don’t know.

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9 thoughts on “Poll: What do you think is the real scandal?”

  1. I think it’s a scandal that the Democrats were for Immigration border, control, limits before Trump and now they won’t pass any legislation. Pure politics rather than thinking of the Country.

  2. The real hoax will be revealed soon if the ones that launched this hoax are not brought to justice! I pray for truth justice and the American way! I.Am.marine.

  3. gordon saunders

    I am really confused as to why someone has not pointed out that the real gorilla in the room is the strategy of the illiberal progressive elite and their anger that Trump has interrupted their plan to move the country of America into a socialistic “utopia”.

    Maybe I have just missed that assessment in previous revelations.

    It is obvious to me that this progressive group(which includes leftists of a variety of stripes as well as complicit Republicans who sit quietly on the sidelines), all of which look forward to a socialistic “utopia controlled b y the elite who will break out the rule book so we can all know when it is ok to cross the street..

    This progressive elite was on the verge of slamming the door with Hilary in 2016, as a foregone conclusion.

    Now they are in a tizzy as to how to crucify the culprits who backed their opponents whether that be honest news media who would not toe the line or politicians who worked against them to elect Trump.

    The powers that be in the progressive group who think they know better than anyone how America should be directed, and who have decided that the solution is a mega government controlled by the tyrannical left are in for a big surprise in 2020.

    I hope we are prepared for their response.


  4. The real scandal is that unelected bureaucrats, elected officials and miscellaneous career swamp-dwellers like Hillary Clinton, who have gotten rich selling out America to foreign influences, feared being exposed by outsider Trump, who, therefore had to be destroyed. The attempted coup d’etat was done under the cover of a corrupt and complicit media.

  5. Hopefully the voters will now realize they’ve gotten what they voted for- corrupt breakdown of U.S. legislative branch. Trump has a positive legislative agenda being blocked by congressional “investigations” without a stated purpose, for political revenge by Democrats, by continuous shifting those roadblocks from collusion, to family finance, Trump businesses and financial records – all disguised as “investigations”. Voters better realize they get what they vote for – corrupt, idealogical (sic) driven legislative stalling and inept legislators actions which cripple our country’s progress by voting Democrats back into the House, or voting House Representatives who will vote to support a winning Trump

    CODE, FYI:
    HE (FBI agent Peter Strzok), was in a position to know HOW, and WHEN to do
    IN THE HANDS of “FBI”, but left to the MILITARY, who still have a concept
    called “HONOR”, and an OATH to AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION of the

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