Questions about deficient medical care for immigrant children

A pediatrician who has treated migrant children describes extensive negligence and lapses in medical care at shelters. That account is reported in a multi-state investigation by ProPublica.

Dr. Elana Levites-Agababa describes a consistent and repetitive lack of medical care for migrant children. She says that minors who report medical issues are frequently left untreated. Dr. Levites-Agababa also says that some of the children’s issues are life threatening and could lead to death if not properly treated.

ProPublica documented multiple incidents of serious health issues as a surge of children is crossing into the U.S. through the Mexican border.

The federal government is managing a network of about 100 shelters. At the end of February, there were 13,500 children in the shelters, according to ProPublica.

Read more in Michael Grabell’s ProPublica article at the link below:

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3 thoughts on “Questions about deficient medical care for immigrant children”

  1. Propublica is a leftist, partisan organization! They are on a level near CNN. These kids are dragged through the entirety of Mexico, arriving already sick, yet somehow it’s our fault? I for one am sick of these unwanted, unlawful, Intruders. Or should I say, Invaders?

  2. With all due respect to Dr. Levites-Agababa, she should know better! These children show up at the border dehydrated, malnourished, and sick. The detention centers are not children’s hospitals, and our folks are doing the best they can with the meager resources our do-nothing-Congress have given them. I applaud the Drs work, and would suggest she get some more of her Dr pals to volunteer their services directly at the border, as well as some JDs to sue the Congress and compell them to do their job.

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