The border without the hype

Lara Logan reports from the southern border for Full Measure this week.

Sunday on Full Measure, Lara Logan will take us on an eye-opening trip to the southern border with no preconceived notions and no hype. See what she found on land and on the water.

We also have a fascinating story on a new way lobbyists for corporations and other special interests are trying to reach President Trump, whom they call “The Audience of One.”

When Trump was elected, he came in outside the normal money pipeline for Democrats and Republicans. Those seeking influence have been searching for novel ways to reach the man they call “The Audience of One.”

Sunday we’ll look at one high-tech tactic they developed called “geo-fencing.” Watchdogs say it allows special interests to try to reach the President with no disclosure as to who is behind the outreach.

And Scott Thuman reports from The Alamo in Texas. It’s a landmark marking the battle during the Texas Resolution when a small group of Texans fought back a Mexican onslaught in 1836.

All these years later, The Alamo has turned into quite the tourist trap. Some descendants of those who fought want a more sacred landmark. That could require relocating it. Other descendants object to that plan.

We’ll take you to the new battle of The Alamo.

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6 thoughts on “The border without the hype”

  1. I appreciate your candor and search for truth. All I want is to preserve our republic.
    CAPT J. Frank Fox, USN, Ret.

  2. Joe Westenkirchner

    Ms. Attkisson,
    A couple of things: first, I am truly a fan, from your time on the MSM until now I think you have been a fair-minded, non-partisan investigative reporter. Thank you. Secondly, I saw a story about a plan for a Mike Pence/Paul Ryan ticket before the 2016 republican national convention. They were going to get rid of Donald Trump at the convention. There is even a chain of emails from the person who is going to set up the website and what appears to be Paul Ryan’s staff. Now, I understand this is probably a “conspiracy theory,” but….do have you heard anything about it? Is there any legitimacy to it?

  3. You ,lara logan ,sara carter are the only journalists left that actually report and dont bring politics into it to which i thank you all. Thx for all your good work all of you
    Im liking this charlie kirk and candace owen too

  4. Jo Ann Wineinger Wells

    the story about the Alamo was so full of holes. Ans Mr. Bush is not telling the entire story. They have been working on this project for years and the citizens of San Antonio and near south Texas seem to be the only ones that have heard about it. What George P. is up to ,is to enhance the entire Alamo story from the Mexican viewpoint. How did we end up with a land commissioner that is not a Texan.
    My children are decendants of the Original 300 families in Texas. And Sons and Daughters of the Alamo. Now that San Antonio is more than 60% Hispanic and the city almost consumes Bexar County ,this is a battle hard to win.

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