Unscientific poll: “The Wall,” or lack thereof…Who’s to blame?

Last week we wanted to hear from our readers regarding who is responsible for Trump’s failure to follow through on the promise to stop illegal immigration and build a wall.

Our latest unscientific poll revealed that 59% of those polled blame the Democrats for the lack of follow through. Another 32% blamed the entirety of “the Swamp” in general.

Full results are below:

Trump (5%)

The Swamp (32%)

Democrats (59%)

Republicans (3%)

Mexicans (0%)

None of the above (>1%)

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5 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: “The Wall,” or lack thereof…Who’s to blame?”

  1. The democrats offer no plans, ideas, or solutions. Just obstruction. If you vote for them you’re just giving our country away.

    1. The republicans are in power. Dems can’t do anything.
      Dems have a lot of bills now, waiting in the senate for McConnell todo something with them and he is refusing.
      Mueller reminded us that the Rusdians meddled in 2016 election and are still working on doing the same in 2020. Congress has appropriated money for helping to keep2020 election safe. Nothing has been done about It!!!! It sits in the account waiting. When asked, tRump says “no”. Maybe he plans on using It on his wall.

  2. an ol exaJahead

    Part of “the Swamp” are Democrats. The biggest part is the Bush faction; but the 2 are not mutually exclusive!

  3. Why can’t Doctors Without Borders work with children? It’s same children they travel to foreign countries to treat. Just the location changed.

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