Unscientific poll: Trump-Russia collusion

Last week’s poll was about the Mueller report and what respondents think will come of it. Will it put the Trump-Russia rumors to rest, or open the door for more conspiracies?

Full results are below:

The Mueller report on Trump-Russia collusion…

Closes the book (85%)

Opens new doors (10%)

Not sure (1%)

I don’t care (4%)

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7 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: Trump-Russia collusion”

  1. The real scandal is the unlawful spying by Obama, that is the reason for the Trump/Russia smoke screen.

  2. Sharyl, I thought it should Open new doors because 1/2 of the Mueller Report has been closed. Now AG Barr is looking at the other half of the Mueller Report/Collusion. What Mueller didn’t do but should have done. :)

    1. I may have misunderstood your comment. There was no collusion. The full report was available to Congress in a secure setting. The report released to the Judiciary Committee was redacted according to law. Mueller didn’t charge or exonerate President Trump on obstruction. That was clearly done with political intent to keep the fake narrative going. Mueller’s responsibility was to charge or not. Failing to charge or exonerate the President, Mueller left that decision to AG Barr. The ongoing Democrat Party Kabuki theater is driven by fear. Otherwise, why would they be disturbed by investigations into how the Russia investigation originated. It seems they would be happy to confirm that, as President Obama, via Susan Rice’s memo, said: He wanted the investigation done according to the book.

  3. In light of the recent revelation regarding the faux-poll results issued via MSNBC/CNN,article authored by Joe Giambrone via Off-Guardian.org, “CNN rigged a poll to censor out nearly everyone under 45 years of age. Based on this nonsensical false sampling they claim Biden is now in the lead.”—
    This recent evidence for Media interference in US elections ought to raise a few eyebrows or at least give pause in consideration of the Mueller “Collusion” allegations.
    Clearly history has illustrated that US elections have endured many forms of interference and the collusion of foreign countries, corporate interests, and inaccurate polling practices embraced by the establishment’s media apparatus. Collusion and US elections(and elections in other lands as well) have been the template for biz-as-usual when it comes to maintaining hierarchical power structures and monetary superiority. Ms Atkisson–please research N.Pelosi’s fraudulent proposal for election reform. Thank you again for your wonderful journalism!

  4. There is no more important story. If this thing gets swept under the rug while the president targeted is still in office it will demonstrate the unbreakable power of the leftist deep state machine.

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