Unscientific Poll: US Census

Last week’s poll asked “should the US census ask respondents if they are a US citizen?”

An overwhelming majority answered “yes,” with a few saying “no” or “I don’t know. Full results are below:

Should US census ask respondents if they are a US citizen?

Yes (97%)

No (2%)

I don’t know (>1%)

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6 thoughts on “Unscientific Poll: US Census”

  1. “I” believe the Mueller report closes one section of this Investigation. BUT it will OPEN UP new investigations on what Mueller didn’t Investigate… the other side.

    1. He was only commissioned to look into possible Russian collusion by Trump campaign. He went WAY OVER BOARD as it was. Mueller spent $ 25 M., took 2+ years, hired mostly Democratic hacks (Weinstein, Stroyk et al), ignored entire beginning of this mess with FISA and especially Hillary’s collusion with Steele dossier trail, Not to mention Hillary having paid for the producing of alleged “dirt” on Trump and Ohr and his wife. AG Barr hopefully will cover initial stages of this embarrassment in U.S. History. Between Barr and Inspector General’s investigation I’ve HAD IT ! And I believe the country has also. Let’s get on with the real problems facing our country.

      1. He and his crew of feckless lawyers should be forced to pay back every penny. They knew it was predicated on a lie.

  2. The answer is so complicated. I wouldn’t have a clue how to handle this. In a perfect world it’s best to get a head count of everyone. But that’s only as long as they don’t knock my head off down the line.

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