Unscientific Poll: What Should Happen to Trump?

In last week’s SharylAttkisson.com poll, we asked if President Trump should be impeached, harassed but not impeached, supported, or none of those options.

An overwhelming 90% of respondents said that Trump should be supported.

Full results are below:

President Trump should be…

Impeached (2%)

Harassed but not impeached (>1%)

Supported (90%)

None of the above (7%)

I don’t know (>1%)

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13 thoughts on “Unscientific Poll: What Should Happen to Trump?”

  1. Barbara Muller

    President Trump has put up with crap for over two years because he is exposing the corruption in DC. Finally someone is and too top it off he is the only one who is doing what he promised. He is the greatest president of our time and no leftie appreciates it!!!! Socialisim will never be here but boy are the Dems. trying. We are living in a very dangerous time right now where the world is trying to change this country into a Muslim caliphate!!!!!Wake up America and see it for what it is. The absence of religion ,family and morals are killing this country and that is exactly how they are trying to tear it down. If we continue on this path we will no longer recognize this country as it is meant to be. Wake up America we are hated more than you know and it will all go away if we continue on this path.

    1. Absolutely true!! No other person in Congress could endure what this President has and he is the only one of ALL of them who is innocent. What should happened to our President..he should be elected in 2020, He and Attorney General Barr’s should “wipe out”the scum rats swamp.

  2. leave him alone, let him win in 2020 and show the sleazy Democrats that everything they tried didn’t work.

  3. Salvatore Trentacoste

    The Demarats,leftist libitrds are hell bent on making America a communist ocialist state for their one party dictatorship. Their mottos are “Do as we ay not as we do”. “We are above the law” and “make American goverment corrupt again” under DEMARAT RULE..We the people don’t count anymore with the Demaat party.Their destruction is based upon Muslim terrorist,thugs criminals and illegals having free reighn as part of their SANTUARY COUNTRY and DICTATORSHIP CONTROL.wake up before it is too late

  4. Pelosi is such a dumb cunt. If Barr violated a crime, Pelosi should get at minimum dafamation of character for trying to talk down an honorable judge. I think Schumer needs to resign too because Pelosi has been giving him blowjobs. It is obvious.

  5. I’m surprised they havent gotten to him yet like they did to the great presidents like JFK and Lincoln.
    Trump exposed the corruption in this government
    It’s been going on for so long it’s just business as usual.
    Pray for our president…..

  6. WestcoastDeplorable

    Great new website, Sharyl! I think we need to support Pres Trump now more than ever. What other choice do we have, the “Green New Deal” (ROFL). And have you ever wondered why they phrased it that way? Shouldn’t it be “New Green Deal”?????

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