Cell phone tower shut down after complaints about cancer cluster in school children

Above: Cell phone tower petition at change.org

A controversial cell phone tower near a school in Ripon, California has been shut down amid reports of four students and three teachers children being diagnosed with cancer.

According to news reports, Sprint–which owns the tower–shut down the tower even though the company says radio frequencies emitted were 100 times below the federal limit.

The patients diagnosed with cancer have come down with different forms of the disease since 2016, including lymphoma, liver, brain, and kidney cancer.

Monica Ferrulli, the mother of a child diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016, has been among those fighting a legal battle for two years in an attempt to get the cell phone tower taken down.

We’re not naive to the fact that there could be other components out there – other environmental influences… but the bottom line that we feel in regards to this tower is it doesn’t belong there… if there’s any indications that its unsafe.’

Parent Monica Ferrulli, to news reporters

A petition at change.org asking to remove cell phone towers from school property has received several hundred signatures.

Read more about the mysterious case here in Daily Mail.

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17 thoughts on “Cell phone tower shut down after complaints about cancer cluster in school children”

  1. I once commissioned an electrical engineer to come to my home to look for EMF due to some symptoms. He found only one circuit in our basement which was miswired and giving off inappropriate levels, this was not the cause of what we were seeking. BUT I did have an interesting conversation with him. He had worked for the Navy and had experience with radar systems, etc. I asked about cell phones and towers. He unfolded a folded paper with lots of micro print, it is a disclaimer document which is mandatory to be delivered he said with every cell phone by the FCC. He pointed to an area of the text which outlined acceptable levels of radio frequency emitted from devices. He had a meter. He told me to put my cell phone on the counter next to the meter which had a visible needle type gauge. He said “watch the meter, cell phones ‘ping’ the tower intermittently even when not on an active call several times a minute.” Sure enough the meter picked up these pulses of activity. Approximately every 15-20 seconds. He told me to look at the level on the meter when the pulse was captured. Sure enough it was over the limit in the document, even though the duration is burst like and short duration. He said he had a cell phone. That he never ever carried it “on his person” (in a pocket, etc.) with the device powered on. That he kept his phone off unless he was going to use it. And that he never ever put it up to his ear, he had a wired headset that he plugged in when he was going to make a phone call. He said never ever charge it next to your bed. He suggested charging it far away from your bedroom and to put it in airplane mode overnight during the charge. It was his opinion that you should not live within a half mile of a tower.

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