Fast Food Favorite: It’s Still Burgers

The All American hamburger is apparently still king.

Just for fun, our latest unscientific poll at asked: What is your favorite fast food meal?

Burgers beat out the other food choices combined. Nearly 44% of respondents chose burgers over tacos, fish and chicken.

A significant number of you prefer something else or don’t like fast food at all.

Here’s how the results break down:

  • 44% Burgers
  • 13% Tacos
  • 24% Chicken
  • 17% None/Other

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9 thoughts on “Fast Food Favorite: It’s Still Burgers”

  1. Interesting poll, though not a terribly surprising result other than I am surprised that hot dogs weren’t included as a specific option as opposed to being, presumably, included within the “other” category. Also, I wonder what percentage of the 44% of those polled that selected hamburgers were referring to veggie burgers like pea-based veggie patties from red hot companies like Beyond Meat?


    1. I don’t think most Americans consider Veggie patties hamburgers, no beef. Nice plug for Beyond Meat though, you own stock in the company?

  2. There are any number of good tasting burgers on the market including Five Guys, In & Out, and Chicago’s Portillos all at high fat and calories. I’ll take a home grilled steak based burger any time. But lately, Chick Fil A is growing by leaps and bounds due to more healthy concerns. Did you want fries with that? Naturally!

  3. Unfortunately, these days “hamburger” ofter means “double meat bacon cheeseburger with extra mayo on a highly-processed bun”. I would bet that our most popular fast food is having an overall negative effect on our national health. I recall hearing that hamburgers were once considered carnival food until entrepreneurs figured out that burgers could be marketed to people who need a quick meal. Too bad, because burgers taste good . . .

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