ICYMI: The most important vaccine-autism report this year

This Sunday on Full Measure, we will be running a replay of what I think is the most important vaccine-autism report this year.

It tells how the government’s own pro-vaccine medical expert, a world-renowned pediatric neurologist, concluded — based on scientific studies and other scientific information — that vaccines can cause autism, after all, in “exceptional” cases.

The physician, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, goes on to say that the government went on to misrepresent his opinion in vaccine court and cover up what he had told them.

The story is so important that it triggered a wave of vaccine industry propaganda. There was an organized effort to falsely claim that the Dr. Zimmerman is somehow “anti-vaccine” or, perhaps, no longer of sound mind.

Other false claims included that Dr. Zimmerman’s opinions have been misunderstood or mischaracterized. Fortunately, you can read his full affidavit and published studies for yourself. Click here.

The propaganda campaign has included social media attacks and false information being posted on my Wikipedia biography to try to discredit the story or convince people not to consider the information. The false information includes the claim that I or my reporting are “anti-vaccine.”

As I have written in The Smear, this sort of attention typically means one is hovering over an important target.

See for yourself and make up your own mind!

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18 thoughts on “ICYMI: The most important vaccine-autism report this year”

    1. Why don’t you go search for yourself? There’s a ton of peer-reviewed literature out there addressing adverse effects from vaccinations. Just look.

      1. Nearly every substance on the planet holds the potential for harm, including water and oxygen. The real question is “do the risks of vaccines outweigh the risks of the diseases they prevent?” To paraphrase Kari, there’s a ton of peer-reviewed literature out there addressing the costs and benefits of vaccines..

  1. The industry is in a panic and full attack mode against anyone who discusses vaccine injury, especially parents, solely because it is a threat to the revenue stream ($30 billion per year according to RFK, Jr. for vaccines, 20% of all revenue they receive for their products) which Medicine has become. Medicine is a business, and a very lucrative one. Soon doctors in both California and New York will be unable to practice medicine, that is to treat patients in a way which protects and restores their health, because there are essentially no vaccine exemptions left (the medical exemption in both states nearly impossible to get; the wealthy will get them, but most won’t.

  2. I didn’t think there were any gladiators out there anymore and I am so glad to see you step forward. I watched the Katie Couric interview when she exposed Gardasil for the demon it was and still is and she lost her talk show. There are simply too many lies and too much deception for me to ever trust anything the gov’t says. As a Health Coach I learned the hard way about the lies and deceipt over our food for decades and how they have made us sick for their profits, how the gov’t has polluted our water in the name of “health”, our skies in the name of “geo-engineering” and weather modification that is addressed on the cia.gov website under geo-engineering and they have lied to us repeatedly and covered up vaccine damage for decades starting with the SV-40 cancer causing monkey kidney virus that was unleashed on over 38 million American’s in the late 50’s early 60’s that I was the recipient of 1 dose. This virus led to the surge in soft tissue cancers namely brain, lung and breast cancer and that is criminal. They found out the vaccine was tainted and the gov’t knew it and kept using it. That’s criminal! How do we trust liars and crooks who sell us out for profits?

  3. Yes, after watching Hanna Polling regress. Sadly his testimony in the first vaccine court case waa sited in all the other autism cases, thus removing autism as a vaccine injury.

  4. Sharon, along with Judicial Watch, is one of the top reporters targeting the Deep State corruption. There are more and more people that don’t trust anything the government says now. It bodes ill for the country.

  5. Thank you for reporting the truth! You set such a great example. We need more reporters like you! I’m here in California where we are fighting hard to keep our rights as parents opposing SB 276. And the media is bought and paid for.

  6. “They must find it difficult…
    Those who have taken authority as the truth,
    Rather than truth as the authority.”

    ~ G. Massey, Egyptologist

    Thank you for your tireless work Ms. Attkisson!

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