Parents of kids with cancer question chemicals in water and cell phone tower as possible causes

There is fascinating, new information uncovered an investigation by CBS Sacramento regarding the cluster of school children with cancer.

Some parents blamed a nearby cell phone tower, which has now been disabled. The company that operated the tower said it was well within safety limits but took it down in response to the public outcry.

Now, some are turning their attention to chemicals in the water.

Watch the CBS Sacramento investigation by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “Parents of kids with cancer question chemicals in water and cell phone tower as possible causes”

  1. There are carcinogens in ‘everything’ these days! Children are impacted more than adults because of their developing immune systems and smaller size. But the deep state manipulators planned it this way. Their medical universities indoctrinate doctors to vaccinate everyone, including pregnant women, with carcinogenic ingredients, to treat cancer with carcinogenic chemo and radiation, and for dentists to treat cavities with mercury amalgams!!! They are behind carcinogenic fluoride in public water, 100s of carcinogenic chemicals used in fracking, carcinogenic nano-particulates in chem-trails, carcinogenic glyphosate in genetically engineered food, carcinogenic electromagnetic radio frequencies (microwave radiation) from microwave ovens, ultrasound (babies are exposed 17 times during average pregnancy!), CT scans, x-ray, radar, wireless routers, cell phones, cell towers, baby monitors, wireless diapers, and every wireless device, including the horrific 5G small cell antennae. There are carcinogens in baby bottles, flame-retardant sleepwear, all kinds of plastics, even BPA-free which now uses BPS and BPF, just as toxic. There are carcinogens in petroleum-based fragrances, which are everywhere; perfume, cologne, personal hygiene products, make-up, plug-in air fresheners, candles, incense sticks, laundry products, car air freshener hang-ups, pet deodorizer products, scented ‘marketing’ oils like those used all over Disneyland. (!) Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are carcinogenic and also confuse chromosomes, which gives them their nickname gender-blender chemicals. Notice any gender-confused teens lately? There are 100s of ‘symptoms’ caused by toxins that alter cells and eventually lead to cancer. We all have to be diligent researchers and conscious consumers and parents.

  2. Ellie’s comment above is absolutely 100% warning everyone about the prolific toxins everywhere affecting our children especially.

    Could this plethora of toxic assault on the children be enough reason for adults to wake up quickly and do everything possible to protect the children and themselves if we want future generations at all?

    Thank you for reading.

    You, aka YouMa

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