Police Scanner Audio: Virginia Beach Shooter DeWayne Craddock

The website Heavy.com has published some background about the latest mass shooter in the U.S.: DeWayne Craddock. Some of the information was gleaned from prior newspaper articles about Craddock, according to the website.

Craddock was a public utilities engineer whose name frequently appeared on city notices. He was entrusted with giving tours on pumping stations to community leaders, and he was a former member of the Army National Guard.


Heavy.com has also published the police scanner audio of exchanges recorded during the response to the shooting including, Craddock audio in which Craddock was named as the suspect. The audio also details the movement of the police SWAT team.

Please note: The audio may be disturbing to some. It can be found at the bottom of the Heavy.com article. The report of a police officer being shot– but apparently protected in part by his bullet proof vest– can also be heard.

(Opinion Note: In my opinion, the police scanner audio serves to emphasize the heroic nature of many law enforcement officers who find themselves in harm’s way on a regular basis as they do the job of protecting the rest of us.)

According to Heavy.com: “In July 2018, the City of Virginia Beach published an article that suggested people contact ‘DeWayne Craddock with Virginia Beach Public Utilities.’ The article was about utility work affecting local traffic. There are many such city notices with his name listed. In 2014, he was listed as the contact person for the city’s “Public Utilities Design Standards Manual Update.”

Various news media published photos of the victims after the photos were released by police today. You can read CNN’s article on the victims by clicking here.

Read more and listen to the police scanner audio at Heavy.com

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11 thoughts on “Police Scanner Audio: Virginia Beach Shooter DeWayne Craddock”

  1. Had to search to see what race gunman was. I suspected black because the mainstream media is silent about it and because he didn’t use an assault rifle.

    1. John Marshall Sr.

      Doesn’t swing the Liberal media’s way in the narrative. I’m going to guess he converted to Islam as well. He used a semi-automatic pistol with a silencer. Dwayne Craddock was either a very brilliant planner or part of a bigger plan.

  2. You mean he wasn’t a murdering “white supremacist”?? No doubt the MSM will be disappointed. Gee, who da thunk it??

  3. You can always tell the perpetrator is not white, The MSM is known for not reporting their facts!

  4. Sadly, while this was apparently a workplace related tragedy, I do believe no photo of Mr. Craddock appears because it does not fit the MSM narrative.

  5. How disturbing is it that people are more concerned with the “race” of the shooter and not the lives that were lost and the families that are affected by this tragedy. Some of you really need prayer not only for your minds but for your hearts as well.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      A reporter who reports on vaccine safety issues that powerful interests wish to suppress. I learned the hard truth about these efforts when CBS first assigned me to cover the injuries and deaths in military soldiers after vaccination. I, too, knew nothing of the suppressed information until I was fortunate enough to develop sources among government scientists and vaccine industry insiders. PS: if reporting on vaccine safety or problems with some aspects make me “anti-vaccine” then I guess I’m “anti-tire” for my reporting on Firestone tire safety issues, and I’m “anti-medicine” for breaking news on certain prescription drug problems and I’m “anti-charity” for exposing corruption within the Red Cross. (Ridiculous. But that’s the narrative for you!)

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