Reality at southern border clashes with partisan narrative

President Trump on a visit to the southern U.S. border

On the Sunday Fox News program “Media Buzz,” host Howie Kurtz asked me if I’d learned anything from reporting on border stories that is different than the partisan media narrative.

He also asked about news coverage of President Trump’s banter with Russia President Putin, and the New York Times’ mea culpa over its coverage of a rape allegation against Trump.

Click the link below to hear the discussion.

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3 thoughts on “Reality at southern border clashes with partisan narrative”

  1. Hillary Anderson

    Sharyl ; I wish I had found Full Measure sooner. I’ve been catching up by binge watching previous segments. Your call for journalistic integrity is never more important than now. I’m surrounded by ‘well-informed conservatives’ and ‘well-informed liberals’ but so few who are just looking for truth. Thank you for being a voice for ethics and accuracy in reporting.

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