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Sharyl Attkisson is an American investigative journalist, author, and host of the Sunday television news program Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. She is a five-time Emmy Award winner, Edward R. Murrow Award recipient and author of two New York Times bestsellers.

Sharyl Attkisson, 2019 Full Measure photo


Attkisson graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in broadcast journalism in 1982.

Broadcast Journalism Career:

Attkisson began her broadcast journalism career in 1980 as a reporter for WRUF-AM and WUFT-FM radio at the University of Florida in Gainesville; and at the college’s PBS station WUFT-TV.

She worked as an anchor, producer and reporter at CBS affiliate WTVX-TV Fort Pierce/West Palm Beach, Florida from 1982–1985, WBNS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio from 1985–86, and WTVT in Tampa, Florida (1986–1990).

From 1990–1993, Attkisson was an anchor for CNN.

From 1993–1994, she anchored the television news broadcast CBS News Up to the Minute.

Sharyl Attkisson in 2013 at the Emmy Awards

From 1995–2014, Attkisson was a fill-in anchor and a CBS News investigative correspondent based in Washington, D.C. She reported for various broadcasts including the CBS Evening News, 48 Hours and Sunday Morning.

From 1996–2001, while working at CBS, Attkisson also hosted the PBS health news magazine HealthWeek.

Starting in 2015, Attkisson began hosting and reporting on her own half hour Sunday news program Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, which is carried on stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Sharyl Attkisson on the set of “Full Measure”

Writing Career:

Attkisson has co-authored a college textbook and written two New York Times bestsellers: “Stonewalled” (2014, Harper Collins) and “The Smear” (2017 Harper Collins). Attkisson has also written for various print publications including: Newsweek, The Hill and Real Clear Politics.


Attkisson is one of the few journalists to have flown on a B-52 combat mission. That flight occurred over Kosovo in 1999. She has also flown aboard a fighter jet on a U.S. Combat Air Patrol flight after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Sharyl Attkisson on a B52 combat mission over Kosovo in 1999


Attkisson served on the University of Florida‘s Journalism College Advisory Board (1993–1997) and was its chair in 1996. The University gave her an Outstanding Achievement Award in 1997.

Other recognition includes:


New York Times Bestseller lists for “The Smear.”


Finalist Gerald Loeb business awards for “Taxpayer Beware”

Barbara Olson Award for Excellence and Independence in Journalism


Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award for Outstanding Reporting


Pillar Human Rights Journalism Award for “Fearless Reporting in the Face of Government Retaliation.”

New York Times Bestseller lists for “Stonewalled.”


Emmy Award Presenter.

Investigative Emmy Award for “Investigating Congress.” 

Investigative Emmy Award nomination for “Benghazi: Dying for Security.” 

Emmy Award nomination for “Green Energy Going Red.” 

Daytime Emmy Award as part of CBS Sunday Morning team Outstanding Morning Program for “Washington Lobbying: K-Street Behind Closed Doors.” 

Brian Terry Courage in Journalism and Reporting Award

Finalist, Gerald Loeb Business Awards for “The Business of Congress”     


Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious.” 

RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Investigative Reporting for “Gunwalker: Fast and Furious.”


Emmy Award Nomination for Investigations of Congress: “Follow the Money.” 

Emmy Award Nomination for Investigating Aid to Haiti earthquake victims.         


Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting of a Business News Story for series on Bush Administration’s Bait-and-Switch on TARP. 

Investigative Reporter and Editors Finalist Award for Bush Administration’s Bait-and-Switch on TARP.

Loeb finalist for Television Breaking News for “Follow the Money: Bailout Investigation, the Bait-and-Switch on TARP.”       


Emmy Award Nomination for “Follow the Money.”         


RTNDA-Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence (CBS team award)

Finalist for Gerald Loeb business awards for “Earmarks”   


RTNDA-Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence (CBS team award)     


Emmy Award Nomination for Investigating Dangers of certain prescription drugs and vaccines; and conflicts of interest in medical industry.           


Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for series on mismanagement at the Red Cross: “Red Cross Under Fire.”           


Emmy Award Nomination for “Firestone Tire Fiasco.”     

Civil Justice Foundation Special Commendation for Firestone Tire coverage, Association of American Trial Lawyers.           


Investigative Reporter and Editors Finalist Award for series on the dangers of certain prescription drugs and vaccines.   

Attkisson received several other awards for her reporting and producing, including a New York Black Journalists Association public service award, a Mature Media National Award, a Florida Emmy Award, a Sigma Delta Chi Award and a Florida Communicator’s Award.

Personal Life:

Attkisson was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and grew up in nearby Sarasota. She married James Attkisson in 1984. The couple has one daughter. In June, 2019 Attkisson was awarded a fifth degree blackbelt in TaeKwonDo.

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  1. Impressive record of achievement. I’m interested in viewing Benghazi Dying for Security. Is it available?
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