Sinclair stock outperforms rivals

According to an analysis by The Hollywood Reporter, the stock of television news conglomerate Sinclair is up “an impressive 106 percent, besting all of the major media companies.”

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sinclair: up 106%
  • Disney: up 27%
  • Comcast (NBCUniversal): up 25%
  • Sony: up 9%
  • AT&T (WarnerMedia): up 21%
  • Viacom: up 18%
  • CBS: up 15%
  • Fox: down 23%
  • Netflix: up 37%
  • Amazon: up 26%
  • Apple: up 27%
  • Facebook: up 47%
  • Twitter: up 21%

Of the 50 stocks tracked by The Hollywood Reporter, only two are outperforming Sinclair in the first half of 2019: Snap, the parent of Snapchat, is up 160 percent and streamer Roku is up 196 percent.

The Hollywood Reporter

Read the story in Hollywood Reporter by clicking the link below:

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  1. raul L calzadilla

    Congratulations Ms. Atkisson for a well deserved high rating. I really cannot get enough of your articles and great efforts at being impartial and objective reporting. Also the great, intelligent choice of subjects. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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