The Narrative: How it’s Used to Smear Journalists

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7 thoughts on “The Narrative: How it’s Used to Smear Journalists”

  1. Please please please publish a written narrative. Some of us old fogies can’t sit through a podcast.
    Journalism is nearly dead these days.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      Please refer to Stonewalled, The Smear, and the third in my series of books will be The Narrative, out next year. PS my podcasts are short. 5-10 minutes. Thanks

  2. Great podcast.
    Objectivity, journalistic integrity has been lost in the media for quite some time, even before Trump came along, but since then, it has gotten even worse.
    I read a story from one source, then read the same from a different source.
    Compare the two, find the facts, dismiss the bias/narrative, do my own analysis and come to my own conclusions.
    Unfortunately, most Americans just believe whatever narrative is being pushed.
    And if it is on Wikipedia, then it must be true!

  3. Please compare and contrast the disinformation campaign of the Russians and that of David Brock. One can only imagine if Donald Seagretti had had all the new technology available what his group of USC rat—– would have been able to do on behalf of Nixon. As for the Russians and Brock the only ones buying the misinforation are the pundits on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and the View. No one goes to Facebook for political information, jokes and recipes maybe, but facts not so.

  4. Sharyl, we love the short form podcasts and immediately subscribed when you said you were on iTunes. I know you are busy but would absolutely love it if you were able to sneak in the occasional long-form interview with anyone you deem worthy of an in-depth look at.

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