The Wikipedia Correction Project (WCP)

Do you see bias, slant and fact errors on a Wikipedia page that involves you or a topic you care about?

Are Wikipedia’s agenda editors keeping you from making edits to correct disinformation and false information?

I’m pleased to announced the Wikipedia Correction Project, or WCP.

It’s an informal way to invite people to correct or explain alleged bias and fact errors on Wikipedia pages.

The goal is to make additional information that is censored on Wikipedia available elsewhere. Consumers will have the opportunity to compare versions of the information, if they wish, and make up their own mind.

Watch: The Dark Side of Wikipedia

Learn about a new online encyclopedia:

How can you take part in the Wikipedia Correction Project?

Submit your page or information yourself to the online encyclopedia site Everipedia, a new project by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger. Sanger has separated from Wikipedia due to its bias, agenda editing and controversies. Everipedia is more user-friendly and strive to avoid the many conflicts inherent in Wikipedia. Check it out!


Submit one of the following to [email protected]:

  • An entire Wikipedia-style page you’re written on a biography or topic.
  • A section or sections that include(s) only the material that’s been excluded from Wikipedia.
  • Note: You may include explanation(s) as to what you believe is incorrect or unfair about the Wikipedia page in question, and attempts to amend it; but you do not have to.

Examples of two pages can be found here: Sharyl Attkisson Biography; Rasmussen Reports.

Rules to submit to [email protected], to begin with, are simple. Your submission serves as your agreement to follow them:

  • Be factual.
  • Be kind.
  • Opinions must be attributed to the writer or another source to be included.
  • Hateful, slanderous or inciteful material will not be considered.
  • “Conspiracy Theory,” “fringe,” or other material will not be considered at this stage, as I do not have the infrastructure to properly handle it.
  • I retain all rights to make edits or not publish submitted material at all.
  • Like Wikipedia, the published information should not presumed to be independently verified; it is intended to serve as an additional resource of opinions and alleged facts to counterbalance the censorship and shaping taking place on Wikipedia.
  • You must include your real name and contact information (see below).
  • Please be patient. You may not receive a reply upon submission. Publication of material will likely begin later this summer.

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Where to email your submission:

For email submissions to [email protected] with “Wikipedia Correction Project” in the subject title to be considered for publication as a reference for Internet users. You must include your real name, phone number and address. Your personal information may be passed along to Everipedia editors who will help establish the page. The information will otherwise be kept private and is used for verification purposes only

A nod to Wikipedia’s many terrific, hard working and well-meaning volunteer editors. They are simply outmatched, at times, by the powerful volunteer “agenda” editors often working on behalf of cloaked or paid interests.

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9 thoughts on “The Wikipedia Correction Project (WCP)”

  1. First, see
    Second, I immediatelly reject the idea over at least these terms:

    “Hateful, … material will not be considered.“

    Hateful material about what some Germans did in the early 1940’s? Hateful is one of those squishy, arbitrary, subjective terms used everywhere else to ban what someone doesn’t like but can’t find a reason. Some facts and truth can be considered “hateful”. So what is the point in doing SJW-lite?

    Same if not worse here:

    “‘Conspiracy Theory,’ ‘fringe,’ or other material will not be considered at this stage, as I do not have the infrastructure to properly handle it.”

    You can’t even define it so it will be another “I personally don’t like it so I reject it” catch-all as SJW-lite.

    No, if you want to CORRECT Wikipedia, then reject objectively false material, have opinion labeled as such, insure citations or other independent confirmation (which can contradict – see your vaccine coverage – or is that a fringe conspiracy?).

    Again, see, or my suggestion would see if you and/or Andrew Torba can create a custom version of Dissenter that would be Stickypedia that would overlay Wikipedia pages with “sticky notes” dscribing the inaccuracy with links

      1., where the President of France is François Hollande and the Prime Minister is François Hollande, Where Muhammad Ali lives on, and where Avengers: Infinity War is yet to screen.
        I think I’ll go somewhere else for information.

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