Unscientific poll: immigration

The vast majority of those who answered our latest unscientific poll said they do not consider “illegal immigrants” to be the same thing as “immigrants.”

This shows strong disagreement with the practice by many in politics and media who use the terms interchangeably.

Below are the full results of the poll:

Are “illegal immigrants” and “immigrants” the same thing?

Yes (2%)

No (99%)

I don’t know (0%)

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6 thoughts on “Unscientific poll: immigration”

  1. Jennifer Acosta

    Illegal and legal immigration is not that clear cut. Asylum is legal with illegal entry if the application is submitted within 1 year of entry.


  2. I don’t believe the majority of American citizens are against anyone migrating to the USA, provided it’s done according to the laws our forefathers, or ‘foremothers’ adhered to. As descendants born on American soil, we have the luxury of being legal citizens, the moment the State Seal hits the birth certificate and that should apply ONLY to parents who are American citizens at the time of birth.

    As to foremothers – I don’t know if anyone has researched the available women citizens in America, circa 1890’s to the early 1900’s and their part in marrying incoming immigrants, intending but failing to finish the naturalization process. I suspect many immigrants of all nationalities, may have made their heirs legitimate citizens this way and to be quite honest, I don’t object to that means of ‘getting in’. Marriage to an American woman and rearing children are far harder tasks to master than any question concerning citizenship, our flag and history that seems to change, frequently. – Mike V.

  3. WestcoastDeplorable

    It makes no sense to accept asylum applications at the border. Make them apply at the U.S. Embassy in their home country. It’s called closing the window. The Hispanics I know who were born here or achieved citizenship don’t want the illegals coming in. Neither do I. And the Fedgov should back off on those H1B visas too! We have plenty of EE’s who can’t live on what’s offered in Silicon Valley. I also heard if you don’t have an Indian surname, don’t bother applying.

    1. Desmond O'Neill

      To be granted asylum, an applicant bears a significant burden of proof that his/her life or well-being is threatened by violent forces and that their native government is unable or unwilling to help, or is even complicit. Practically therefore, very few (if any) asylum seekers would be seen entering a US Embassy or Consulate. If you delve into all US Immigration regulation and enforcement, you will find it broken at many levels. Legal immigrants go thru an idiotic bureaucracy, often sent from one part of our country to another. My grandparents were naturalised here in 1901, from Ireland & Scotland, my father was born and lived for a short term in the US. So, per the Naturalisation Act of 1790, I was born American. Not so!! My visa was H1B (specialist engineering qualifications)……but I will simply say it took me 20 years to gain my citizenship. (20 YEARS!). The Immi
      gration Service is mal-named.

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