Unscientific poll… on presidential polls

We made a poll to ask about polls! Last week’s sharylattkisson.com poll asked readers whether or not they are influenced by presidential polls. A vast majority of respondents – approximately 81% – said they are not swayed by presidential polls.

Full poll results are posted below:

Do presidential polls influence you?

Yes (1%)

No (81%)

Sometimes (16%)

Stop bothering me (2%)

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12 thoughts on “Unscientific poll… on presidential polls”

  1. Sharyl — please stop wasting your energy on dead topics. what we need you to do is to tour the border with Mexico — from Texas to California. What we need to know: are criminal organizations invading our country? The U.S. Government has a sacred obligation to prevent that ( Article IV, Section 4 , U.S. Constitution ).

    Does an enemy exist? if there is an invasion then there is an enemy.

    who — if anyone is aiding and supporting that enemy — by means — whatever: actions or inactions or obstruction ?

    dump the junk, Sharyl, please — we need you now!!

    1. It would be excellent if Sharyl would investigate & report on the issue. We could do with a nonpartisan report on what is/isn’t going on. The difficulty would be (a) avoiding partisan backlash, (b) getting partisans to be open-minded as they read her reports.

  2. I agree with Mike. We need and want real truth about our borders, enemies, AND the real SPIRITUAL ANTI-GOD Ideology that is controlling the Left and MSM. Why, for example, can these two groups not ever like or acknowledge anything good done by President Trump? Where has this evil come from? To lie, to destroy, to hate even up to violence? Why?

  3. Kathryn Boudreau


    I agree with Mike and Tom. Immigration is a pressing issue. What scares me is the fact that Congress can’t get anything accomplished anymore. They are mere talking heads – going on TV to make their points. I worry about voter fraud and the wholesale placement of large groups of immigrants in states that Dems want to turn Blue. It is happening. Driver’s Licenses to undocumented immigrants is already happening. Sanctuary cities are growing. The rule of law is gone on our country and Democrats are cheering for that.

    Additionally – someone needs to hammer Congress about their socialist approach to Healthcare and the fact that they have and will exempt themselves from whatever they force down our throats. Why is no one holding their feet to the fire on this? If they had to take Medicare for all – it would never pass in the House or Senate.

    I’m begging you to keep on these issues. We trust you more than anyone else in the news business today.


  4. conrad quagliaroli


    Keep up your good work. I urge everyone to view Full Measure as you are doing the work 60 minutes used to do and I tell them to read your book “The Smear.”

    I have read “The Smear” and since I only read to educate myself (If I want fiction I’ll go to a movie) when I read a book, I treat it like a textbook, underlining facts, names and events. Then I go through the book and create my own personal index so that I can quickly refer back to the passages I underlined. And example of that would be “page 105 final example of Message Matters shows how dishonest its messaging could be”

    So when I urge people to buy your book, I tell them, you don’t even have to read the whole book, I’ll send you my list of the passages I undlined, just read them.

  5. Eh, I like the polls.
    Kinda like man on the street interviews, get some sense of what others think on a given idea, even if it is about favorite fast food.

    Wish Miss. Attkisson and her team had more resources to cover this election with the same non-partisan, objective reporting they do. Listening to the last nights debate, and this mornings recap, seemed to me to be they stacked the deck in favor of Warren.

    Seeing in the news Tulsi Gabbard got the most Google searches during the debate. I have not heard anyone mention that on the NPR stations.

  6. Trump is the first president since Kennedy to break up the control of the deep state and central banksters.

    NPR is so slanted; I stopped listening to them years ago when they advocated fracking!

    GOOGLE execs admitted they abused their influence during 2016 election, and they are already planning on doing it again in 2020. Sharyl, find out when Trump will pull social media fascists domain names, and charge their owners with election tampering. How do arrogant brats (like Zuckerberg) think they have the ‘right’ to ban Constitutional Law/Human Rights Amendments?

    1. I think Sharyl, and team, are doing a good job of creating a well balanced journalistic show, webpage, blog, et al. Please keep it up. I think to connect her expanding audience to their journalistic “chops”, they need to cover top stories. That includes the current Presidential campaign. I trust them to bring top stories to my TV and iPad. Pure journalism is rare today, I continue to enjoy, respect, and appreciate how Sharyl and her team are trying to create something to reply upon for news and analysis. Thank you.

      1. charlie Hawkins

        Here in the northwest Sharyl is many times our only real source of real news. The Kind of news you listen to pretty much know you can rely on what she is saying to be true
        Sharyl has made a more than a few prayer lists, though I think not all under the same heading.. I know how I feel even if she doesn’t line up with my personal belief sometimes, she isn’t out to my personal beliefs, she is telling me is and i can make up my own mind from there. Damn thats refreshing .. keep on Sharyl God Bless and Guide you…

  7. The Democrats will speind over $4 billion for the illegals that are here, but not do anything to stop them from coming. They recently blamed Trump for the death of a man and his daughter (they drowned crossing the river). I for one and tired of the lying, sanctimonious hyprocrits that the Democratic party has become. Please get the real story out their and hod they lying feet to the fire.

    If you tell the truth, people will respond to the message.

  8. “I think to connect her expanding audience to their journalistic “chops”, they need to cover top stories. ” … sorry I mean … I think it is important for her to connect her expanding audience to her journalistic “chops”, needed to cover top stories.

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