Unscientific poll shows support for “Brexit.”

The latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com shows strong support among respondents for the British exit from the European Union.

The exit remains stalled three years after the referendum vote on June 23, 2016 as politicians grapple with how to execute it.

Part of the problem is that those responsible for negotiating the terms are largely against it. The political upheaval will be the subject of an upcoming story on Full Measure.

Here are the results of the poll:

Regarding Brexit:

94% I support

3% I oppose

2% I don’t know/care

>1% What’s Brexit?

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3 thoughts on “Unscientific poll shows support for “Brexit.””

  1. Didn’t the “scientific” vote of the people already decide this? But…the elite oppose it? So, no Brexit? Similar to our border issue!

  2. It has been obvoius from the beginning that the Conservative Party is anti-Brexit. Cameron went all-in against Brexit and lost. That was the end of him and he was replaced by Teresa May a truly incompetent anti-Brexit middle level politician who is not capable of doing anything. However, I fear that Boris Johnson is even weaker and Brexit may never be done.

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