Why all world maps are wrong

This six minute video by Vox, “Why all world maps are wrong,” is one of my favorite learning videos I’ve run across.

I think it would be great as required viewing in middle school. The information contained in it helps explain why I was so surprised when I flew over Greenland for the first time some years back…and it wasn’t nearly as big as I’d imagined.

See what you think and leave your comments!

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10 thoughts on “Why all world maps are wrong”

  1. I’m pretty sure I did learn this in elementary school 48 to 50 years ago. You mean they don’t teach this any longer?

    1. charles william ford

      no they are too busy with transgenders in what used to be the school library indoctrinating your children in the joy of sodomy

  2. Neat! Everyone should thus have a globe instead of a flat map! Projection maps good only for local use.- those folded paper maps we use to get around in cities! Thanks for the vid!

  3. I’m a cartophile (not sure if that’s a word). I do love maps of all shapes and sizes and enjoyed your presentation. One small problem was the intrusive bongo drums. So not necessary. Cheers.

  4. No, schools do not teach this and they also do not teach CIVICS any longer. But you can certainly learn all about sex education!

    1. Add many educational defects, Tom. As you know, educators welcome the chance to indoctrinate students (notice primarily at kindergarten and early primary grades) in Muslim/ Islam history and practices – look for comparable Christian /Jewish education – none ! The ACLU law suits fight such balancing religious instruction activity. A welcome addition to educating our students would be minimal ETHICS courses – not religious,based, not prayer, not patriotism but a sense of justice in students’ lives. Note random interviews of college students who have no sense of life’s balancing act, ethically nor academically. The “educational industry” has failed our country and I see the negative path has brought the U.S. worse than 25th in math and science competence worldwide.

  5. Wonder if you could take a globe with topographic relief on it.
    Roll it in ink and then roll it around on a large enough piece of construction paper until you imprint the whole globe on the paper.
    Would it give you the correct proportions?

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